Baby Shower Themes

Planning a baby shower can be quite an undertaking. Selecting a baby related theme can be helpful to make the shower unique.

When selecting a theme, it is a nice courtesy for the hostess to ask the mom to be what theme she likes. Oftentimes, the new mother will leave it up to the party planner. Here are some common themes for baby showers:

1) Baby Shower color themes - The blue and pink theme is a simple theme that allows the most flexibility. Blue for boy baby showers and pink for girl baby showers are traditional themes that are commonly used for such parties.

2) Rubber Ducky Theme - The yellow rubber ducky is another popular symbol for the arrival of a new baby. Rubber duck items are easy to find, which makes this another great theme to use. Some duck items include key chains, duck themed paper plates, and duck shaped candles.

3) Noah's Ark Theme - Noah's ark is another theme that is used for baby showers. The ark is often portrayed as a boat full of cute animals.

4) Teddy Bear Theme - The teddy bear is perhaps the most obvious theme for baby showers. One can easily find a wide selection of bear themed items, including invitations, favors, decorations, and gifts. Another popular related theme would be the Pooh baby shower theme.

5) Stork Theme - The stork theme is also fairly popular, which comes from the story that children are carried into the world by a giant stork. The stock is very popular for lawn signs, which is a nice decoration to put up before a baby shower.

6) Carriage Theme - The baby carriage or bassinet theme is also nice for baby showers. Mini baby carriages and carriage shaped candles are popular decorations for baby showers. Carriage shaped containers are also great for serving food at baby shower parties.

7) Baby Rattle - The baby rattle is another useful symbol for baby parties. Rattles often occur in baby shower decorations and favor charms.

8) Babies - A less common theme, but also appropriate is the baby theme. Most commonly, decorations will show a baby wrapped in a blanket or in a diaper.

9) Diaper theme - Diaper and safety pins are also commonly seen at baby showers. A diaper cake is a great centerpiece if you are using a diaper theme.

10) Baby bottle theme - Baby bottles can be used as containers for candy and food or even drinks during a party. Bottles are also common as charms and decorations.

There are many other themes, including pacifiers, baby blocks, and more. You can use any of these themes, combine them, or use your own creative ideas.

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Specific Themes

Cute as a Button - Themes are integral to baby showers. Choose a theme that is as cute as a button baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Cafe - Should the guests of honor at your baby shower love coffee, then this baby shower café theme should work perfectly. You might like to use it for your upcoming baby shower as well.

Cabbage Patch Kids - Those cabbage patch dolls that you owned can take part in your baby’s life as part of the baby shower theme. Choose a baby shower cabbage patch theme and relive your own childhood.

Bollywood Theme - If you want something stunning, then the Bollywood baby shower is it! From the colors to the jewels to the heady scents of spice, there's nothing quite like the image of Bollywood and India.

Boston Baby Shower - For a touch of the Patriotic, why not throw a Boston Tea Party baby shower? It's a beautiful way to celebrate the start of summer and to remind everyone of the privileges of freedom.

Build a Library Theme - Why not make the theme of your baby shower the building of a library? It's a great way to help the parents, and it would also help simplify the buying of the baby shower gifts.

Buggy Theme - A baby buggy is a wonderful baby shower theme. And what else could show that off more than a 3D baby buggy cake?

ABC Theme - The ABC's are a great choice for a baby shower, and can be a theme used when it's after the birth of the baby as well. It's also an easy and a fun theme to do.

Airplane Theme - It's not a wonder that children are fascinated with airplanes, after all most grown-ups still are, too! Why not base your next baby shower on this airplane theme as it is truly one very different from all the rest?

Apple of My Eye Theme - The “apple of my eye” baby shower theme is perfect for those chilly days of autumn. There's nothing better than good conversation while smelling the sweet aromas of apples!

Baby Feet Baby Shower Theme - Baby feet or baby footprints are a great theme for a baby shower. Check out these party ideas for hosting a shower with this motif.

Bedtime Theme - Bedtime is the most looked forward-to time of day for a parent. Help the parents-to-be make that time a reality by providing all they need at this bedtime themed baby shower.

Baby Shower Nursery Theme - There's nothing as comforting as a baby's nursery, which makes a nursery-themed baby shower a perfect choice. Your guests will feel as coddled and comforted as any newborn in this baby shower!

Fairytale Baby Shower - A wonderful few hours can be had by the mommy-to-be and her guests at a fairytale baby shower. A highly imaginative setting and delicious food all add up to a glorious afternoon of being a kid again.

Fantasy Baby Shower - The fantasy baby shower is a wonderful way to let loose the imagination. Give the mommy-to-be a little break from reality and indulge her in a few hours of the fairy-tale world.

Baby Blocks Shower Theme - The baby blocks baby shower theme is a popular choice for showers. It’s colorful, simple to create, and fun.

Peas in a Pod Baby Shower - Peas in a pod is a great theme for twin and triplet baby showers, or joint baby showers involving multiple mothers. Here are some ideas for throwing a peas in a pod baby shower.

Sweet Pea Baby Shower Theme - Sweet Pea or Pea in a pod can also be used if there is only one baby. Check out some of these ideas for hosting a sweet pea shower.

Tea Party Baby Shower - A tea party theme is a great theme for a little baby girl because you know she will be having many little tea parties as she grows up. There are many great creative ideas for this motif.

Berry Baby Shower - For a berry scrumptious afternoon, host a berry baby shower for a sweet mommy-to-be! Cocoon yourself in a cloud of berries and have a berry wonderful afternoon.

Bun in the Oven Baby Shower - A cute and popular baby shower theme is the bun in the oven theme. Here are some great bun in the oven ideas including games, favors, and more!

Clothesline Baby Shower Theme - A unique baby shower theme is the clothesline theme. Read these tips for decorating, playing clothesline themed games, and other fun ideas.

Lullabye Theme - A lullabye is something that is commonly associated with babies and makes a unique baby shower theme. Check out these ideas for hosting a lullabye themed baby shower.

Baby Rattle Shower Theme - Baby showers can be difficult to plan, especially if you've decided on a difficult theme. Here's a few ideas to help you out if you choose to do a rattle theme.

Rocking Horse Baby Shower Theme - Here are just a few simple ideas for some things you could do with a rocking horse themed baby shower. Hopefully, it'll let out your inner cowboy/girl and you'll remember today for years to come!

Star is Born Shower - Everyone always wishes the best for a new baby, so why not start him or her off on the right foot welcoming to this world like the star we hope they'll become? Here are just a few ideas to get you started before your new star is born.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower - Though teddy bears have been done time and again since most can remember, there are still ways to take the teddy bear baby shower them and make it your own. Read on for a few simple ideas, use them as a starting point and plan a day she'll love for years to come!

Baby Shower Parasol - Rainy days aren't all bad; they make a great theme to center a baby shower on. Use parasols and rain boots as décor throughout the venue to emphasize it.

Pumpkin Theme - A Little Pumpkin baby shower is a warm way of welcoming a new baby. Surrounding the mommy-to-be with the beautiful produce of the Harvest Months gives her a comforting feeling, too.

Prince or Princess Baby Shower Theme - A new baby will always be the little prince or princess in the family. What better way to celebrate their upcoming arrival with a Medieval Prince or Princess Baby Shower Themed Party?

Book Theme - Baby Book Showers are great ways to help a new mom start a library for her baby or to give a mom very practical gifts. Easy but unusual touches is what makes this “serious” theme something your guests will never forget.

Cowboy Theme - Relive your “Cowboys and Indians” days and give the momma-to-be a cowboy themed baby shower!
Put in all the fun stuff west of the Pecos and get everyone together for this extra-special round-up.

Whimsical Baby Shower - Not everything should be serious during the pregnancy! This whimsical baby shower gives the mommy-to-be a chance to let down her hair and just enjoy the fact that she'll be a new mommy soon.

Hollywood Baby Shower - We all hope that a new child will grow to be a star, someone that changes the world, or something else important. Give the new family a start in the right direction with their very own Hollywood Award Night baby shower.

Red Wagon Baby Shower - The red flyer wagon is a major part of every little boy’s life. If you’re throwing a party for a mom who’s expecting a boy, the wagon is sure to be a good way to honor her new bundle of joy!

School or Kindergarten - A school theme is good for mom's that are teachers and also for any baby who will grow up to be intelligent and successful. Read about these ideas for a school themed party.

Baby Shower Nursery Rhymes - Bring back memories of childhood with a baby shower based on nursery rhymes. This baby shower is sure to have guest reminiscing about their childhood favorites in no time.

Pickles and Ice Cream - Pickles and Ice Cream is a unique and delicious baby shower theme. Read about this unique theme and how to incorporate it into your baby shower party.

Cute as a Cupcake - A baby is definitely as cute as a cupcake – which makes a perfect baby shower theme! Celebrate with cupcakes in different forms and have a ton of fun!

Sea Baby Shower - A terrifically relaxing theme is the sea baby shower. Wash the party area in watery colors and sights and sounds of the ocean and let everyone's stress disappear.

Space Baby Shower - Gaze out at the stars and rekindle those romantic feelings with this couples only space baby shower. Plan a quiet picnic under the stars and give the couples time to snuggle and whisper sweet nothings to each other again.

Pirate Baby Shower - Arrrrgh! Ahoy there – be part of the pirate baby shower to search for the hidden treasure and have tons of fun with the mommy-to-be!

Baby Shower Champagne Theme - For that extra-special baby and mommy-to-be, only a champagne baby shower will do. Soft golds, a sumptuous feel and great friends make this a baby shower no one will forget.

Hot Mama Theme - For a self-confident, out of the box mommy-to-be, a hot mama baby shower fills the bill. Celebrating all things woman, it's a perfect reinforcement on the importance of motherhood and being feminine.

Monster Baby Shower - This Little Monster baby shower is perfect for a fun mommy-to-be that's having her baby shower near Halloween or any time during the year! It's a great way to have a monstrously good time.

Modern Mom Baby Shower - A modern mommy-to-be deserves a modern mom baby shower theme! Try out this shower with a difference

Pregnant or Pregnancy Theme - Celebrate the baby bump with an “I'm Pregnant!” baby shower theme. Set in the mommy-to-be's favorite colors and bumping rounds together, this party is fun!

Race Car Baby Shower - What do you do with a die-hard daddy-to-be racing fan and his friends? Throw him his own all-guy race car baby shower, of course!

Bath Time Bubbles - Celebrate a bubbly mommy-to-be with a bath time bubbles theme! Everything is light and airy, just like bubbles in this fun baby shower.

Baby on Board - There's nothing that suits the baby on board baby shower theme more than a nautical inspired shower! Sail away for a few hours and relax to the sounds of the sea with this fun theme.

Paris Theme - Celebrate the mommy-to-be's Francophilia with a Paris baby shower theme! Channel the sidewalks of Paris and say oooh-la-la!

A Baby is Brewing - What's a better time to get together with a few friends and a mommy-to-be than when a baby is brewing? This baby shower theme is one that everyone will look forward to.

John Deere - Celebrate that little farmer with a John Deere baby shower. These recognizable colors of yellow and green are part of America and are definitely a source of pride.


Winter Baby Shower - A winter baby shower would be a perfect theme for a little one due in this dark and cold season. But no matter how dreary the winter, the baby shower itself could be transformed into a warm celebration.

Summer Baby Shower - The summer baby shower is one that is as fun to look at as it is to be a part of. Sometimes it's just so hard to choose only one of the possible themes that summer brings.

Fall Baby Shower - A Fall baby shower is indeed one that doesn't need too much to make it a success. Thankfully, this is one baby shower that is easy to plan, especially when the season's produce plays a big role in the decorations!

Spring Baby Shower - A spring baby shower is a perfect one since spring always celebrates new life. Celebrate the coming of spring and the new baby with a delicately-appointed baby shower theme.


Sports Baby Shower - If you love sports and are having a boy, then a sports baby shower may be the way to go. Read our tips for throwing a sports baby shower.

Football / Super Bowl Baby Shower - This football baby shower is the perfect theme for a couple that are dedicated football fans in the middle of the playoffs. This fun tailgate party will surely be a touchdown for all the guests.

Baseball - The baseball baby shower is a great theme all around but is really perfect for an all-guys baby shower. Let them settle into their own spot and do guy stuff while the girls do their own thing at the baby shower.

Basketball - Hit a slam dunk with this basketball baby shower for rabid fans! This casual and fun theme is a perfect way to get the daddy-to-be involved during the NBA season and anytime.

Hockey - There's nothing better for a couple of hockey parents-to-be than a hockey baby shower! Get a goal with these tips for an unusual, off-beat baby shower.

NASCAR - Get into the racing spirit with the NASCAR baby shower. You'll be sure to get the checkered flag with this baby shower!

NFL Football - When the NFL Playoffs start, you'll not be able to drag the football fans away from the tv unless... you throw an NFL baby shower just for the guys. Spiced up with a Southwestern flavor, this is on baby shower no one is going to forget.

Characters and Cartoons

Coco Jocana - Coco Jocana is taking the nursery set by storm. Why not use the characters from this line for a sweet jungle baby shower theme?

Cartoon Baby Shower Theme Ideas - Cartoons bring out the kid in all of us, and cartoon baby showers are no exception. Throw a cartoon baby shower and watch the inner kid come out of all your guests!

Barbie Doll Theme - There is no one more girly than Barbie and the Barbie baby shower would be a fun theme for a very feminine mommy-to-be. Enjoy the afternoon in a cocoon of pink!

Bugs Bunny Theme - A Bugs Bunny baby shower is a lot of fun for the fans of the wascally wabbit. It's a chance to take a trip down memory lane and relive the laughs that were shared around the television on those lazy Saturday mornings.

Buzz Lightyear Party - A fun, out-of-this-world theme for a family shower is the Buzz Lightyear party/baby shower. Incorporating the older children into the festivities won't let them feel left out of this important occasion.

Disney Baby Shower Theme Ideas - Disney baby showers are those that grownups enjoy since it brings them back to a time that they were kids themselves. Adapt a theme from one of the hundreds of Disney movies that were made!

Dr Seuss Theme - Dr Seuss is a very popular children's book series and makes a unique baby shower theme. Read about these ideas and tips for throwing an unforgetable Dr Seuss baby shower.

The Lion King - Welcome the pride of the family with a Lion King baby shower. Have fun in the wild for a few hours with the mommy-to-be and the rest of the family at this themed baby shower perfect for a family shower.

The Litte Mermaid - No place is better than under the sea at this Little Mermaid baby shower. Become a little girl again and let your imagination let loose at this underwater baby shower.

Spongebob SquarePants - Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? You'll know the answer after this fun, underwater-themed SpongeBob baby shower!

Muppets - Parents now grew up with the Muppets and the Muppet baby shower may be the perfect theme to recall that happy time. Spend a few hours with Big Bird and company and remember those “sunny days!”

Care Bear Theme - The care bears were extremely popular in the 80s and 90s. These days they still have a loyal following. Moms-to-be that were fans of the show will love a care bear baby shower theme.

Sesame Street Baby Shower - When you think of Sesame Street you can’t help but think of all the smiling children and babies they entertain. A Sesame Street themed baby shower is sure to be a hit, and all your favorite muppets can be there to help!

Elmo Baby Shower - Elmo is a wonderful idea for a baby shower theme. With his massive popularity decoration and games are sure to be easy, and this cute little monster is sure to have today living in everyone’s memory as a fun day!

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower - Recreate an Alice in Wonderland theme for your next baby shower and help the mommy-to-be feel that she's not that lost, after all! It’s a fun and kooky way to celebrate the new addition.

Snoopy Baby Shower - Snoopy is that lovable character from the Peanuts comics. Many fans of the strip and lovers of animals will enjoy a Snoopy Baby Shower thrown in their honor.

Toy Story Party - A baby shower Toy Story party is a terrific choice when children must be part of a baby shower. This popular themed party ensures that both parents and kids will have fun at the baby shower.

Dora the Explorer - Dora the Explorer is one popular little girl with the kids. This Dora baby shower is a terrific way to bring the parents-to-be up to date with the new children's shows.

Diego - Diego is a little boy that loves to explore the rainforest with his friends and rescue wild animals in trouble. Why not bring in a little fiesta and celebrate the baby boy with a Diego baby shower?

Under the Sea - Keep cool with an under the sea baby shower! Watery, soothing colors and an imaginative setting combined with light seafood can make anyone feel better.

Cat in the Hat - Relive your childhood with the fun imaginings of the Cat in the Hat and his friends. This crazy Cat in the Hat baby shower will definitely give the mommy-to-be a few needed laughs!

Hello Kitty - For the anime freak mommy-to-be, the most perfect baby shower theme would have to be the Hello Kitty baby shower. Step into the world of this sweet little kitty and enjoy the fanatsy for a few hours!

Mad Hatter - Celebrate the mad world of motherhood with a Mad Hatter baby shower. Set an offbeat tea table and get ready to have loads of laughter and fun.

Willy Wonka - Bring the mommy-to-be into a world of pure imagination that only the Candyman can create with a Willy Wonka baby shower. A few hours in this fantasy candy world will help everyone remember how much fun it is to be a kid!

Bambi - Bring Bambi's message of loving the earth into the present by making him the theme of this organic baby shower! Choose everything for the party to show you love the earth and hear the message echoing through time.

Twilight / Renesme - Nothing will do for a Twifan mommy-to-be than a Twilight/Renesme baby shower! Incorporate all the touches you love from the blockbuster series and you'll have a dazzling night!