How to Throw a Bedtime Themed Baby Shower

There is no time more cherished to a new parent than bedtime. So what better way to drive that point home than by throwing a baby shower with a bedtime theme for the mommy-to-be?

The bedtime theme baby shower is one that will have the mommy-to-be collecting everything she needs to have her little one rested and sleeping at sleep time. Start off by sending invitations with the Man in the Moon as the main character. There are many classic renditions of this type of artwork that are now free to use without restrictions so you can just download and print without worry.

Set the mood for the baby shower in the party area as well! Have everything in a light blue and aqua to make it feel almost heavenly. Pair this with a soft white and you'll have a perfect bedtime color scheme. Cover the tables with a blue or an aqua tablecloth and use a white bedspread on top instead of a table topper. If you can, change some of the light bulbs to a blue so that you can wash the room in a blue glow. You can have a stuffed toy at the center of the table sitting on a few books and holding a bunch of flowers as a centerpiece.

Do the same with the buffet table as well. A nice touch would be to use a quilt instead of a table topper. Decorate the table with hanging stars and a moon. Groups of white miniature balloons make beautiful clouds. You can also create a few more stars and clouds to stick on the wall behind the table as well.

Instead of the usual risers for the food platters, use bedtime books to have the food at different heights. Position a stuffed toy or two at the table to add more interest. Sprinkle a few sparkly blue, aqua, and white beads around to catch the light.

Since this theme is all about being comfortable, why not serve comfort food to your guests? Baked macaroni and cheese, meatloaf topped with ketchup, and a vegetarian chili make the main meal that ends with a luscious chocolate cake served with spiced warm milk to make the best baby shower menu ever. Everything here speaks cuddling and comfort.

Let your dessert call double duty by decorating your chocolate cake with purchased sugar cake decorations. Stars and the moon are readily available, and they can be scattered all over the cake. And, the rich fudge icing is already as black as night, so you don't need to do more in that department!

As a fun activity, you can create a book for the mommy-to-be on the best ways to get the baby to sleep. All you need to do is give each guest a piece of paper and provide a mound of decorating materials in the middle of a table. Ask each one to write down her favorite tip on sleep – either getting enough or making the baby sleep. Then ask them to decorate the pages. These will all be compiled into a book, either printed out after scanning, or pasted together in a scrapbook.