Unique Baby Shower Party Ideas, Themes, and Situations

Whether you are trying to make your baby shower party unique or have run into unexpected events and situations, the articles in this section are for you. Here are some unique ideas, themes, and considerations when planning your baby shower.

History of the Baby Shower - The history of baby showers is quite unclear yet it doesn't stop anyone from celebrating them. From the first clear baby shower in 1950s America to today, it's sure that it's a beloved tradition here to stay.

Special Considerations

Craft Party - Baby shower craft parties are very important occasions in the life of the babies & parents. Here are some thoughts to make it a success.

Coed Baby Shower - Including men in your baby shower can make the party more fun, while also strengthening your family. Let Dad celebrate his baby, too!

Big Brother / Big Sister Baby Shower - When you have a big brother or sister around for the baby shower, you'll want to help them adjust to the new feeling of having a baby around. Why not have the big brother or big sister become an active part of the baby shower?

Green Baby Shower - Going green is the latest craze! Here are some ideas for planning an eco-friendly baby shower.

Baby Arrives Before the Shower - What do you do if the baby arrives unexpectedly before the party? With a few minor changes, you can still have a great baby shower.

Long Distance Baby Shower - Ideas on how to have a baby shower over a long distance for friends and family that are too far away to attend.

Second Baby Shower - Is it a good idea to throw a shower for the second child? Here are some considerations and thoughts on this issue.

Baby Shower Alternatives - Everyone deserves a baby shower even if they’re not the first-born, so take a look at these alternatives. There is no such thing as first-born privileges when it comes to parties!

Baby Shower Venues - Normally, most baby showers are held in the new mom's or hostess's home. However, here are some unique baby shower venues to consider instead if you want a truly memorable experience.

Baby Shower at a Restaurant - There's nothing wrong with having a baby shower at a restaurant. In fact, more people prefer it since there's nothing for them to clean up after the party!

Beach Baby Shower - Surf and sun is the perfect combination for fun at any time! A beach baby shower is the perfect theme for a beach bunny mommy-to-be.

Open House Baby Shower - With all the hassle and stress of these modern times, we don't need to stack another problem or guilty feeling on anyone, especially a mother-to-be. The open house baby shower solves this dilemma by removing the stress of going to and staying at a baby shower for a long period of time for the host or hostess, parents-to-be, and the invited guests.

Spa Baby Shower - Mothers-to-be don't usually have the time or the inclination to pamper themselves. A terrific gift would be a day with the girls, doing nothing but getting pretty and relaxed at her spa baby shower.

Daddy Baby Shower - Moms have all the fun when it comes to baby showers. Dad spends his fair share of time worrying and stressing about baby too, and it’d be nice to include him. If he can find some spare time between trading his sports car for a sedan and baby proofing every inch of the house, get dad out to his own baby shower designed to help him and mom get in a few moments of much needed rest before the Big Day!

Baby Shower Beer Party - An all-boys' baby shower or a couple’s shower with a twist can be had with a baby shower beer party. A pack of diapers and a 6-pack of beer is what the guys need as an entry to this unusual baby shower. You provide the food and snacks and extra beer for a baby shower to remember.

Baby Shower Cocktail Party - Who said baby showers and cocktails don't mix? With well-thought out selections of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and sweet and savory hors d'ouvres, this perfect theme for a couples shower is a great, adults only, baby shower cocktail party.

Island Baby Shower - Escape to your own deserted island with the island baby shower. Treat the mommy-to-be with a little bit of island pleasures and watch the stress melt away.

Martha Stewart Baby Shower - The Martha Stewart baby shower seems to be one that can be taken on only by a perfectionist but it's actually rather simple to do. The secret is to concern yourself with little details like coordinating colors and easy but delicious food presented in a way that makes it look appetizing, and you've got it just right.

Toy Baby Shower - Babies NEED toys and the best way to start their collection is be throwing a toy baby shower. Each guest brings a toy in a category chosen by the mommy-to-be.

Family Baby Shower - A family baby shower is a nice name for a family reunion. Get ready to meet the relatives!

Kids Baby Shower - Kids baby showers aren't that strange! A special adult may be the guest of honor at such a baby shower, like when she is a beloved teacher or an extra-special aunt.

Baby Shower for Friends - There are definitely ways to make your baby shower for friends one you can afford and they find memorable. Just by using your imagination, you can stretch that budget and make an impression.

Baby Shower Bowling - When the parents-to-be are bowling addicts, why not put together a baby shower bowling party? This fun baby shower could be one that will be talked about for a really long time.

Baby Shower Dance Party - Celebrate good times with a baby shower dance party! Get your groove on and shake your booty with the mommy-to-be.

Baby Shower Breakfast - Nothing sets the tone for the day with an early morning celebration at a baby shower breakfast. Gather your friends together with a terrific breakfast and a relaxed time to chat at this perfect baby shower.

Baby Shower Brunch - Follow these logical tips on how to set up your baby shower brunch and give yourself less stress for that morning. When you use these brunch ideas, you're sure to give your friends a terrific time at your baby shower celebration.

Religious Baby Shower - Celebrate God's blessings with a religious baby shower! These ideas will help you flesh out a baby shower that showcases the mommy-to-be's religious beliefs to the fullest.

Work Baby Shower - The workplace is almost like a home away from home, with all the hours that you spend there! So, it would not be surprising that a baby shower would be planned when a co-worker is expecting. Here are some things you can do to make it a lot simpler if you've been put in charge.

Gay Baby Shower - Lesbian and gay baby showers still sound unfamiliar, but actually they're not. After all, isn't a baby shower supposed to be focused on welcoming two loving parents and their precious child?

Baby Shower Pool Party - A baby shower pool party is one of the best themes for a baby shower in the dog days of summer. Just the sound of splashing water and the feel of a cool drink going down your throat is bound to cool your day down by a few degrees or so!

Mother's Day Out - For mommies with older children, perhaps the best type of baby shower you can give them is mother's day out. This is a rather complicated baby shower to prepare for, but you will be giving the mommy-to-be a really great gift – their own lives back.

Welcome to the World Baby Party - A welcome to the world baby party is something different for a family that doesn't choose to have a church-based ceremony to present their child to the world. This purely secular celebration is a way to get the family together and introduce the newborn as well as cement ties within the circle of family and friends.

Baby's 1st Birthday Party - Planning baby's 1st birthday party is a little different from having a baby shower. These tips are quite useful for planning that very important milestone!

Food Themes

Vegetarian or Vegan Baby Shower - While it's challenging to host a vegetarian or vegan baby shower, the vegetarian or vegan mommy-to-be will definitely thank you for it. The key is to keep it as simple as possible!

Casserole Party - A baby shower casserole party is perfect for those OC mothers-to-be that bought everything on their baby checklist. It can be a great help for mothers that have had children already. For this baby shower, the casseroles aren't just free food but little pockets of precious time that mommy can spend with her new baby.

Baby Shower Barbeque - Baby shower barbecue parties are perfect for those warm days. It's also a great way to get the men involved, if the mother-to-be wants a couples’ shower. A barbecue and good friends; what could be a better way to have a baby shower?

Baby Shower Ice Cream - A baby shower ice cream party is a great way to entertain adult and young guests alike. Pick out decorations that remind you of an ice cream shop or go with colors that match your favorite flavors of ice cream.

Chocolate Baby Shower Party - Have a decadent chocolate baby shower and treat the mommy-to-be with all the chocolate she could ever want. This chocoholic's dream baby shower is sure to be one that you'll never forget.

Baby Shower Dinner Party - A most delicious variation on the traditional baby shower is the baby shower dinner party. A perfect variation for the mommy-to-be with elder children, this gathering focuses more on company rather than on baby shower games and such.

Church Baby Shower - Church baby showers have long been traditional celebrations that bring the community together. Why not give it more importance?

Baby Shower Fiesta - Why not break from the monotony and throw the mommy-to-be a baby shower fiesta? Celebrate Hispanic style and have a ball!

Formal Baby Shower - Formal baby showers may actually be preferred by an extremely stressed mommy-to-be. With less emphasis on activity and more on bonding and conversation, this is a very relaxing type of baby shower on the part of the guest of honor.

Single Mom Baby Shower - A single mom baby shower is something that may still be thought of as unusual in this day and age. While the taboo of being unmarried is still strong, there's no one that needs support like a single mom!

High Tea Party - There's a renaissance of all things traditional, and high tea is among them. What a fantastic theme to use for your next baby shower!

Cultural Showers

Baby Showers Around the World - Baby showers aren't limited to North America, they are celebrated all over the world! They all have the same goal, though. They welcome the new baby into the world.

Traditional Mexican Baby Shower - A Mexican baby shower is one that draws on traditional decorations, food, and close family ties to welcome the newest member of the family. For a shower that is definitely not the norm, a Mexican baby shower is definitely the way to go.

Hawaiin Baby Shower - A luau is the traditional Hawaiian celebration for any blessing given to friends or family, so a Hawaiian baby shower is just perfect. This is a wonderful gift for any mommy-to-be that wants to get away from it all, even for just a little while.

California Baby Shower - The Ultimate – the California beach baby shower! Just hang out with your friends at this relaxing California baby shower and smell the surf.

New York Baby Shower - Have fun at this New York baby shower based on the city that never sleeps. A fun-filled adult night is just the thing the mommy-to-be needs to loosen up and relax!

Mardi Gras Baby Shower - Crown the mommy-to-be Queen for a Day and let her celebrate in her own revel – a Mardi Gras baby shower. Bring together the party feel of New Orleans and treat all the guests like the kings and queens that they are!

Australian Baby Shower - Those aussies sure to have a rich culture in the land down under. Give your baby an Australian themed baby shower with key elements from their popular culture.

French Baby Shower - Show off the mommy-to-be's joie de vivre with this tres amusing French baby shower. A gathering of good friends paired with simple, good food is just what she needs to prepare herself for the new baby.

German Baby Shower - There's no better theme for a couples shower than an Oktoberfest German baby shower. Hearty food, lots of drinks, and rowdy German games ensure everyone will have lots of fun!

Italian Baby Shower - Subito, subito! Come and join the Mamma and bambini at an Italian baby shower! Italian themed favors, food, and decor will make this themed baby shower a hit with your guests.

Spanish Baby Shower - Invite your friends to the Spanish baby shower and see them kick back and relax at this vibrant fiesta. An easy mix of food and drinks keep your guests wanting more. Ole!

Japanese Baby Shower - If you're looking for something very different, the Japanese baby shower is just the one for you. Even for Americans, the culture difference is just enough to keep it interesting.

African Baby Shower - Take the mommy-to-be on a trip to Africa! This African baby shower will definitely bring the exciting sights and sounds of the Dark Continent straight to your party place.

Asian Baby Shower - The Asian baby shower is a way to escape from the humdrum realities of life even just for a little while. What mommy-to-be wouldn't like that that kind of refreshing retreat?

Chinese Baby Shower - A Chinese baby shower is a wonderful way to welcome a baby into the world, whether of Chinese descent or not. A different type of baby shower, it's also a way for guests to experience a completely different culture.

Korean Baby Shower - A Korean baby shower that incorporates a One Hundred Days Celebration is a really big and important event in a Korean baby's life. Bring together your friends and let them experience a different take on the Asian culture.

Greek Baby Shower - Have an Opa! fantastic Greek baby shower. Enjoy the fun and laughter with friends and eat the glorious cuisine of the Greeks.

Western Baby Shower - It's time to welcome the little buckaroo into the world with a western baby shower. Cowboy bears, denims, and boots all make the shower fun.

Army, Navy, or Military Baby Shower - Show your pride in your country by throwing this Army-Navy Military baby shower. Whether or not you're an Army brat, this baby shower will raise up your patriotic feelings like never before.


Spring Baby Shower - Spring time is a fun time for people to be out and at parties. Here are some ideas and suggestions for hosting a spring party.

Fall Baby Shower - The weather becomes really nice during the fall which makes it a fun time for a baby shower. Check out these tips for hosting your party in the fall.

Winter Baby Shower - Despite the chilly weather, people still like going out to parties in the winter. What better way to celebrate a winter baby than with a winter baby shower party.

Summer Baby Shower - During the summer, there are many unique possibilities for your party, including hosting it outdoors. Read about these fun tips and suggestions for a summer shower.

Holiday Showers

Holiday Baby Shower - Holidays are a great time for parties and celebration, as well as gathering with family. Here are some tips and ideas for planning a baby shower during the holiday season.

Halloween Baby Shower - There's nothing more thrilling than a boo-tiful Halloween baby shower party. Pumpkins and gore, chills and thrills, they all give the mommy-to-be a frighteningly fun time.

Thanksgiving Baby Shower - The best way to give thanks for a new life is by hosting a Thanksgiving baby shower. With all the emphasis on giving and gratitude, the coming of the new baby will be appreciated even more.

Christmas Baby Shower - A baby is a blessing, so what better way to celebrate the blessings of the season than with a Christmas baby shower? Everyone, from the mommy-to-be to all her friends and family, are bound to take heart and think more of the family with this special holiday baby shower.

Valentine Baby Shower - What could be a better way to spread the love than throwing a Valentine's baby shower? Be it romantic, cheesy, or elegant, the parents-to-be will never forget this special occasion.

Easter Baby Shower - Springtime means rebirth and renewal, which is why an Easter baby shower is perfect! It's an egg-cellent excuse to bring everyone together to celebrate the latest addition to the family.