Go Ole! With a Baby Shower Fiesta

Why not have a fiesta at your next baby shower? Fiesta just means celebration, after all, just one with a distinctly Hispanic flair.

Send out invitations that have a Mexican or Latin look. A cactus, sombrero, or even piñata would work well. Why not one with a picture of a margarita for an all-adults baby shower fiesta? All of these can be found on the net or even created with simple desktop publishing software. And you can ask your guests to come in costume for this one!

It's simple to make a fiesta look in any party area. Start with the most obvious one first – the piñata. Hang a large, colorful piñata in a fun shape (like a star or a pot) in the middle of the room and fill it with candies and small baby paraphernalia – pacifiers, travel-sized baby wipes, tubes of diaper cream, and other stuff. Put in some luxury stuff for the mommy-to-be like small bottles of hand cream, body lotion, and cologne to pamper her, too. Add colorful balloons and streamers to the mix, all in fiesta colors like bright yellow, chili pepper red, jade jalapeno green, and intense orange.

Make cutouts of cactus from styrofoam boards or thick card and stand them at corners to anchor the balloon bunches. Smaller cacti cutouts can be used for centerpieces for the buffet table and guests' tables. Somberos and maracas can also be scattered around to make the atmosphere muy perfecto. Have a large cactus cutout at the center of the buffet table and set it in a pot. Fill the pot with pebbles to hold up the cutout and top it up with crepe paper shreds in the party colors. Stick in a bunch of tissue paper flowers to make it pop.

On every table, use different colors with the tablecloths and centerpieces. Tie in all the centerpieces together by using the cactus cutouts but use different colored flowers at each one. Use white plates and napkins for each place setting but cinch each napkin with a different colored ribbon. Put a baby cactus in a pot at each place – these are your favors, too.

You can have either a full Mexican buffet or a choice of finger foods like tapas for your meal. If you choose to have tapas, a good rule of thumb is to serve about five or six different types of food and divide those into small plates that are laid out on the buffet table. Have two types of meat (like a fish or chicken and a chorizo) and a cheese dish with olives and Spanish ham slices like jamon serrano, a cold salad made of mixed greens, marinated cucumber cubes, and manchego cheese, plus a few warm vegetable dishes like roasted baby potatoes with rosemary, garlic and olive oil, and mini bruschettas made with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic and black olives dressed with balsamic vinegar and fruity olive oil.

Fresh fruits are a typical dessert, but you could also add a typical caramelized flan, or classic Spanish sweets like turron if you like with the requisite cup of coffee. And cake? Whatever the cake the mommy-to-be wants to eat is the perfect choice.

The favors for the baby shower fiesta should be simple as well. Why not continue the culinary feast and wrap up a jar of salsa or an unusual aceitunas alinadas in pretty fiesta colors? This is a great way to get the guests to reminisce about your perfect fiesta.