What Goes On At Celebrity Baby Showers?

While there are some celebrities that keep their baby showers simple and private, the news is splashed with celebrity baby showers that are much more that we would even dare imagine. The guest list alone would daunt anyone even remotely concerned with security, and the food, decorations and favors are indeed “the best money can buy.”

So, while you may definitely not be having or planning a baby shower anywhere near those of the celebrities, it may be worth it to take a peek inside few of the celebrity baby showers and glean a little bit of inspiration that you can adapt to your own.

One celebrity baby shower that you can definitely adapt is Sheryl Crowe's 2007 baby shower for her adopted son Wyatt. The famous cancer survivor is very keen on keeping green and that is exactly what her baby shower was. Baby Wyatt was part of the simply, homey festivities that kept within the earthy colors of red, blue, and brown. Radio Flyer red wagons were the symbol of the baby shower (including the cake!) and to set the mood, a blue grass band played the music for the celebration.

Everything for this celebrity baby shower was organic and reusable, from the onesie that was signed by all the guests, to soy candles dotting the party area, to real silverware and plates, and fabric napkins and tablecloths. Even the food and wine was organic and a cute touch was the drinks decoration of organic blueberries on a diaper pin hanging from the drink glasses.

The favors were a poem printed on paper that had flower seeds embedded on it. The guests took the paper home to plant and enjoy the flowers that grow from it. Pretty, natural and practical. Just like Sheryl Crowe herself.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a celebrity baby shower of Hollywood dreams. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had a book baby shower-cum-celebrity fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Each guest was asked to bring a book for the new baby and a gift for underprivileged children to be given through the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation.

The theme of this celebrity baby shower was the “Wizard of Oz.” There was a yellow brick road going into the party area with a big sign that read “Lions and Tigers and Babies, Oh My!” Scattered around the room were replicas of the Wizard of Oz movie characters. To set the scene, the tables were based on Dorothy herself, with blue gingham tablecloths and napkin rings with little red ruby slippers. Each setting had a special custom-made cookie based on the movie characters.

The table centerpieces were picnic baskets with a plush Toto peeking out surrounded by red roses. Beside them were a life-size pair of red ruby slippers and attached to the basket was a mini hot air balloon.

Even the Munchkins were not forgotten as a candy buffet was creatively designated as “Munchkin Land.” The cake was of course the main centerpiece of the celebration and was a Wizard of Oz cake topped by the trademark ruby slippers.

So, even as the event was something that most of us can only wish for, there are definite touches here that would be perfect for your own baby shower.

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