Jessica Alba's Baby Shower

Celebrity friends hosted a quietly elegant baby shower for the very pregnant Jessica Alba at the Ever After Teahouse in Studio City in Los Angeles. There were around 25 to 30 guests showing their love and support, including Kim Kardashian, Rashida Jones, and Jaime King.

Since Jessica had two baby showers (one thrown by her friends and the other by her dearest mom) there were two kinds of invitations sent out, both in lavender and white. One was a note and was sent with a tea cup for the shower that's discussed below. The private shower thrown by her mom had an invitation letter pressed onto lavender wildflower paper embedded with wildflower seeds that could be planted afterward.

Just like Britney Spears did on her own baby shower for her first baby, Ms. Alba wore a black and looked sexy despite the girth in her midsection. This may have surprised some who do not think that black belongs in a baby shower but it is just right in order to tone down the middle size.

The color scheme of the baby shower was predominantly lavender and white, and was held outdoors under white umbrellas. Set to mellow light jazz and music from Buena Vista Social Club and Sade as background music, the celebration was elegant and sweet all at the same time. Not much was seen of the inside, but it is known that part of the decorations consisted of wreaths of aromatic white gardenias and streamers of more gardenias and lime-green orchids. The parking area of the teahouse itself was festooned with bunches of white and lavender balloons on the walls, and the bunches themselves were adorned with curls of silvery white and lavender ribbons as well.

The tables were all set in white, as were the coordinating chairs. Each table held a centerpiece of a bouquet of lavender and purple flowers accented with white roses set in an opaque, patterned lavender container.

A collage of Jessica's and hubby Cash Warren's baby pictures were made into a sweet collage, and space was left for the expected baby girl, Honor. There was also a special guest book where guests wrote their best wishes for the coming baby.

In addition to that, the refreshments for the lunch were a delicious mix of luscious skewers of grilled tiger shrimp and soft-pulled chicken, and a dessert buffet of various mini doughnuts, mini eclairs, and mini custard tarts, and a delectable pile of white and dark chocolate-dipped strawberries. To accompany the delectable food, selections of white wine, lemonade, iced tea, and choices of ice cream drinks were provided. The signature toast drink of the party was a deliciously peachy bellini named “Life's a Peach.” There was also a candy bar of lavender and white candies, with Jessica's favorite seeming to be the chocolate buttons.

And finally, the baby shower favors came from Tastybaby, a producer and manufacturer of organic baby food. The turquoise recyclable tote bag was filled with baby food, recipes, and baby-safe toys.