Homemade Baby Shower Favors

A variety of favors can be easily made to coordinate with a color scheme or idea for a baby shower. Some basic favors can also be made to complement any baby shower.

Homemade chocolates can be made and are relatively cheap to construct. Start by going to your local craft store and buying chocolate, sticks, cellophane bags, ribbon, and molds. Molds for baby showers are popular and should be easy to find in a variety of shapes and designs. Flavored drops are also available to help turn ordinary chocolate into mint or vanilla flavors. Chocolates come in all colors including pink and blue. Special food coloring is also available to add more design and texture to your chocolate masterpieces. Chocolates do not take long to melt and solidify. Consult the directions of the bag for exact times to melt and remold.

Another traditional make at home favor is a cookie. Consider buying colored frosting and sprinkles to make your cookie more colorful. Traditional cookies such as chocolate chip or sugar are always classics. Some craft stores even sell a variety of cookie cutters. Consider cutting your cookies into classic baby shapes such as teddy bears or give the cookie cutter itself paired with your homemade cookie.

Another cute way to create a baby shower favor is to play up the colors pink and blue. Consider buying pink or blue M&M's and tying them in a colored tulle or cellophane bag. Cinnamon hearts or Skittles are other candies that utilize the color pink.

For guests that are more nostalgic, have each guest take a picture with the mom to be as a keepsake. This way everyone has at least one photo with the mom before she gives birth. Make sure to take two copies so the mother to be has a copy as well.

Above all, be creative. If the mother to be has a specific theme for the baby's nursery, try to develop ideas to emphasize that theme. Remember, this is supposed to be a special time, not a stressful time. Consider looking at store bought options if you find that you are lacking time or energy to construct favors.