Baby Shower Favor Ideas - Tips for Preparing Shower Favors

It is common etiquette to give out baby shower party favors to your guests as a way to thank them for coming to your event and helping you celebrate. Here are some guidelines and tips for selecting or creating the right baby shower favors for your party:

Ideas for Baby Shower Favors - Not sure what favors to get? Read this article.

Handmade Shower Favors - Ideas for making your own favors.

Make Your Own Bath Salt Favors - When you want to give out a baby shower favor that is really different, why not give bath salts? This is an easy gift to make yourself and personalize, too.

Do It Yourself Baby Shower Favors - Save money or create your own unique favors.

Baby Shower Favors Wording - Trying to put the finishing touches on your baby shower favors? Here are some wording ideas for the favor tags.

Useful Baby Shower Favors - Here are some great ideas for baby shower favors that your guests can actually use.

Personalized Favor Ideas - These personalized baby shower favor ideas are the ideal way to make a baby shower truly your own. Once you give away something truly individual, there is nothing better.

Picture Frame Favors - There seems to be no one that would not appreciate baby picture frame favors. It's a highly sentimental gift that deserves more thought that it appears to need.

Baby Shower Magnets - Why not choose baby shower magnets as a favor? These little bits have become a most practical ornament in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

Bath, Body, and Soap Favors - If you truly want to pamper the mother to be and her guests, don't discount handing out bath, body, and soap baby shower favors. These are one of the best ways to extend that wonderful feeling of the baby shower itself.

Candle Baby Shower Favors - Baby shower candles are a usual gift, yet with the right choices, they can be make into unique favors that will be long remembered. Candles are wonderful reminders of past times that are brought straight to the present – much the way a new mother feels about having a child!

Unique Baby Shower Favors - When the mother to be is not among the average, her baby shower celebration may well not be average, too. Even her baby shower favors must be unique, which poses more than one challenge for mothers like this!

Make Your Own Favors - Do you want to give away something different? Then, it's time to make your own baby shower favors.

Favor Boxes - Give your shower favors a bit of luxe with your own baby shower gift boxes! These are simple to make and are easy to embellish as well.

Bottle Favors - There's nothing that says “baby” more than a baby bottle. Why not fill them with treats for your baby shower favors?

Christening and Baptism Favors - There is no religious ceremony as much looked forward to as a Christening or Baptism, except for a wedding! That's why it's important to carefully consider your Christening and Baptism favor ideas.

Biscuit Cutters - No matter what you do with them, you'll want to have a set of baby shower biscuit cutters. They're so versatile, you'll never run out of ideas for them.

Edible Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Candy - There is nothing new with giving candy as a party favor; in fact it's the favorite part of a party for any child! Choosing the right type of candy and also how to package it and hand it out are more adult problems that are discussed here.

Bonbonnieres - Bonbonnieres are traditional baby shower favors. These sweet little bags of candies are cute little keepsakes for any baby.

Baby Shower Chocolate - The rage for edible favors has centered on chocolate. No matter what kind it is, these baby shower chocolate favors are a great way to tell someone, “You're Sweet!”

Baby Shower Cookies - If you want to give edibles as favors, then baby shower cookies should be your first consideration. These are the types of gifts that are truly enjoyed by everybody.

Bottled Water Favors - Why not show off your attention to details and give a favor that is not really expected? A prettied up bottle of mineral or spring water is a refreshing favor to receive.


Savings Codes and Where to Shop - If you want to get some great favors, then here are some great places to buy them along with coupon codes to save money.