Baby Shower Candy: Sweets for the Sweet!

Giving candies as a baby gift is something rooted in antiquity, with the traditional Italian Christening favor being tinted and white Jordan or candied almonds, the candies symbolizing the bittersweetness of life.

Jordan almonds have branched out into many different types of candies. In truth, any type of candy is a perfect baby shower favor, it just depends on how it is packaged. Some are cute while some are really silly, although it's in the theme of the baby shower itself that will dictate the type of baby shower candy you would choose to hand out.

With the wide variety on the market, you can literally have anything you want. From lollipops wrapped in personalized cellophane in blue and pink to the traditional chocolate or bubble gum cigars that are handed out for the girl or boy, you think of it and you can order it.

There are those that are not of the traditional mold, and these people would do well to look at unusual websites that offer lollipops shaped like baby feet, or giant candy pacifiers that can be hung from a ribbon around your neck.

Other choices would range from pillows of candies like butter-mints or jellybeans, to the traditional metal box of mints personalized with the baby's name and the date of the baby shower.

The colors of the candies themselves can make an impact. You could choose to hand out all green M&M's when preparing a gift bag for a Frog Prince themed baby shower. Partnered with green gummy frogs and pink marshmallow flowers, this is a truly unique favor.

To make an impact with the candies that you give out, you need to give a thought to how they will be presented at the party. For example, the sweet lollipops can be stuck into floral foam to simulate flowers and the foam hidden with shredded green paper or excelsior. Arranged in a row down the table on a coordinating runner, it will make a delicious and striking centerpiece. If you can manage to wire the candies onto a real plant to really make them flowers, that would make it the topic of conversation.

Pillows and bags of candy are bound to be unwieldy, so the best way to display them would be to pile them into a pretty bowl or tied round with coordinating ribbon and set onto the table at each place setting. Or, you could find a pretty, flat basket and line it with excelsior in a coordinating color and set all the bags inside. Set at the entry after all the guests arrive, all you need to do is add a sign that says, “Take One!”

More fragile sweets like the Jordan almonds or the bubble gum cigars are best handed out personally. When the mother to be goes around greeting her guests, she can be accompanied by a friend carrying a basket of the candies to give out. Since we live in a DIY world, this personal touch is very nice.

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