Baby's 1st Birthday Themes - First Birthday Theme Ideas

A baby's first birthday is an important day in any baby's life. The first year of a baby's life are always filled with fond memories and lots of "firsts". Planning the first birthday can be lots of fun too and there are different themes that you can use for a 1st birthday party. Below are some theme ideas and suggestions for celebrating a baby's 1st birthday party.

Planning Tips

What is the Difference between a 1st Birthday and Baby Shower - When looking at plans, there are hardly any differences between a 1st birthday and a baby shower. However, there's more to a children's party than meets the eye!

What is the Difference in themes for a 1st Birthday and Baby Shower - The most basic differences in themes for 1st birthday and baby shower parties is that baby showers can use any theme appropriate for a 1st birthday. But, a 1st birthday is more geared towards children's enjoyment instead of the mother.

1st Birthday Party Planning - Big bashes may be a mother's dream but smallish parties are more of the reality. Especially when it involves 1st birthday party planning, creativity is the most important ingredient of all.

Who to Invite to a 1st Birthday - There are quite a few discussions as to who to invite to a 1st birthday party. However, what most of the experts agree on is – keep it small!

1st Birthday Colors - The birthday party color scheme is one that determines how organized and cohesive the birthday party will be! And the best color scheme is usually what the celebrant chooses.

1st Birthday Themes

Anime 1st Birthday Theme - The mommy that is an anime freak will definitely want her child's birthday to have an anime theme! The anime theme party can be adapted for boys and girls, depending on the anime series chosen.

Babar - The King of the Elephants makes a great birthday party theme. The Babar birthday party is a very happy one!

Back to Nature Birthday Party - A back to nature birthday party is one that allows the children to explore the great outdoors with supervision. Held at a park, this party is relatively simple to set up and also to clean up after!

Bike 1st Birthday Theme - The first bike is a memorable day for any kid and for any parent . The bike themed birthday party is a wish for a parent for the child’s future enjoyment.

Bling 1st Birthday - Bring on the bling birthday party for the little girl that loves it! Set up a sparkly, blingy party in a safe way for the children to enjoy it, too

Caterpillar 1st Birthday - Now that the baby is a toddler, you could relate that to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly! A caterpillar birthday theme is a great choice.

Cute as a Cupcake - This Cute as a Cupcake 1st birthday theme is perfect for a cute little one. Use cupcakes all throughout this sweet theme and you'll have a first birthday party that no one can forget!

Diego - Children enjoy going off on adventures with Diego and his baby jaguar, so why not choose a Diego birthday party theme for your little one? With an emphasis on going outdoors and using less, it's a great concept to introduce to today's children.

Donkey 1st Birthday - It's funny that no one really thinks of a donkey as a theme for a first birthday party. But, as you can see here, donkeys bring all the fun to the celebration.

Dora the Explorer - Vamonos! Let's have a fiesta with Dora the Explorer on your little one's first birthday!

Fiesta Birthday Party - A fiesta just means a celebration, and what better reason to celebrate than your baby's first birthday? This fun and colorful fiesta birthday party will be one your guests won't soon forget.

Cars 1st Birthday Theme - A happy birthday is at the finish line when Cars is the theme of a first birthday party! This classic party is easy to recreate and is always appreciated by any speed-happy little boy.

Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Theme - Both the mommy and her little princess would definitely enjoy a Hello Kitty birthday party! Combining Hello Kitty with another theme makes it a lot more interesting, too.

John Deere Theme - Your little farmer is bound to enjoy this John Deere birthday party. A gathering of Americana makes it feel just like home.

Madeline Theme - Madeline is one little girl that the French have loved for decades. It's only now that people around the world have come to know how wonderful these stories are and why this Madeline birthday party is perfect for a little one year old girl!

Nickelodeon - Go all out with the orange splat at this Nickelodeon-themed first birthday party! It's all about Nick itself at this simple, creative and fun celebration.

Paris 1st Birthday - Any Francophile mommy would jump at the chance of throwing a Paris-themed first birthday party for her daughter! After all, it's the first and last party where she has full control and the only say of what's going to happen.

Pucca - Give a mischievous little girl a Pucca-themed first birthday party and watch her enjoy herself in her element. This funny little anime is a perfect theme for a boy, too!

Puppy Dog Birthday Theme - Celebrate the closeness of a child and a puppy with a puppy dog birthday party! Subtle touches like paw prints add a different element to the usual birthday party.

Surfing - Paddle on over and celebrate a surfing birthday party! A fun experience for your one-year old may just get him or her to be a beach bum for life.

Yo Gabba Gabba - Get ready to dance with Yo Gabba Gabba! This upbeat show gets the kids up and about and makes the best entertainment for your one year old's birthday party!