Have a Fun Anime-Themed First Birthday Party

Once the mommy is an anime freak, there is usually something different about her child's first birthday party. Instead of the usual Walt Disney or Nickelodeon-themed birthday parties, the party has a different theme – a Japanese anime birthday theme.

There are different kinds of anime and it's important that the anime chosen is one suitable for children, since there are those suitable for adults only, and ones for teens, and others for children. Ones that are great for young children are the ubiquitous Pokemon series, Ponyo, Sergeant Keroro, and Shugo Chara. Let's take the Shugo Chara for a little girl's (or boy's) first anime birthday party theme.

Shugo Chara is centered on eggs, since it's based on what children will be when they're older. The main colors are pink, white, green, yellow, and blue and it would make it much simpler to center the theme on these colors, and eggs. Purchase balloons in pink, green, yellow, and blue. Accent some of the balloons with “X” signs and decorate the room with them by bunching them up in the corners of the party area. Streamers are in order, too, and can be crisscrossed across the ceiling. Have some of their music playing in the background.

The kids' table can be decorated in an especially sweet way. Cover the table with a pure white cloth and in the center of the table have three little bowls filled with eggs in pastel colors. In between the centerpieces, set miniature bouquets of fresh or artificial flowers in solid colors. Have little bowls filled with gummy eggs and peanut MMs at each table. Set the table simply with white plates and pastel utensils.

Decorate the cake table in a similar way, starting with a white tablecloth and a pastel topper. You could choose to elevate the cake and stick artificial eggs under the cake to hide the riser. Set white cake plates and pastel forks to the side of the cake.

A beautiful cake would be a simple one – why not have miniature cakes and cupcakes in pink, blue, and green? Top the cupcakes with pastel candy eggs have a tiny standee of the characters as decorations for the cakes. With each cake in a different flavor, anyone would be pleased.

Serve food based mainly on eggs here. Whole marbled eggs, deviled eggs, and egg salad sandwiches are some ideas. Along with cheese and crackers, a platter of fruit chunks, and sweet sushi made from rice cereal treats, the kids are not going to be making complaints about the food! Have a selection of pink lemonade, limeade tinted green with a few drops of food coloring, and blueberry juice available for beverages. The sweet sushi is dessert enough but you could add a platter of cookies to the menu if you like.

For favors, give little bags stuffed with stickers, pencils, and erasers in pastel colors and candy-filled eggs. The bags can be tied up with pastel ribbons in different colors to seal them.