Baby Shower Decorating / Decor Tips

Decorating for a baby shower is quite challenging. There are many considerations like choosing a theme, selecting a centerpiece, and other decorating ideas. If you take the time to thinks thing through, you can come up with some really unique and creative decor ideas. Here are some tips and ideas for choosing decor for your special event:

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas - Some decorating ideas for planning your baby shower.

Baby Shower Beads - Beads are the perfect way to decorate a baby shower. And they can be used in more ways than one!

Backdrops - Incorporating a backdrop into your baby shower decorations will add an interesting twist to the ambiance of your celebration. It gives a special effect that will make your gathering stand out from the rest.

Balloon Weights - You don't need to buy balloon weights for your baby shower. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration.

Backgrounds - The true backgrounds of baby showers are found in their decorations. But how do you make these decorations bring the baby shower together?

Baby Shower Badges - Do you want a way to let the world know that here is a mommy-to-be and a grandma-to-be who deserves an award? Give them sashes or badges that lets everyone know what you think.

Baby Shower Accessories - The choice of the proper accessories to complement the theme of the baby shower can make it exactly right. If done well, they don't even need to be a matched set but they'll look good together.

Baby Shower Colors - Themes based on baby shower colors are the easiest way to coordinate a baby shower. Just choosing a minimum of three to a maximum of five colors makes your shower look thrown together by a professional.

Baby Shower Flowers - Flowers are a pleasant way to decorate a room for any festive occasion, particularly a baby shower. Use flowers to enhance your baby shower.

Using Ribbon for Decorating - Here are some tips on how to use ribbon for decorating at your party.

Handmade Baby Shower Decorations - With handmade baby shower decorations, your baby shower will look unique, pretty, and intensely personal. There's no need to buy expensive cookie-cutter commercial decorations when you can express yourself so much more by making your own.

Baby Shower Tableware - Some guidelines on selecting plates, napkins, and other tableware to match the theme of your baby shower.

Baby Shower Napkins - Baby napkins are usually overlooked but they actually give a lot of interest to the table. Decorating them or folding them into different forms make them much more personalized than just simply laying them to the side of the plate.

Ideas for Shower Corsages - Read about what are corsages and how to use them for your baby shower.

Baby Shower Balloons - Balloons are an essential part of decorating for most parties. Here are some tips and ideas on where to get the right ballons and how to decorate.

Baby Shower Pinatas - The pinata is the perfect centerpiece for any Latin-themed baby shower. This traditional game of fun is another way to shower the new parents with best wishes and love.


Centerpiece Ideas - A centerpiece is a crucial element for decorating your baby shower. Check out these fun baby shower centerpiece ideas.

Handmade Baby Shower Centerpieces - Centerpieces really tie the theme of the baby shower together but they can be really expensive! There are really sweet centerpieces that are handmade and affordable that can make your baby shower perfect.

Choosing the Right Diaper Cake - Here are some tips and considerations on choosing the right diaper cake.

Topiary Centerpiece - Topiary centerpieces can do so much to help set the stage for a baby shower. Depending on the theme you have, the topiary centerpieces can be as fanciful as you'd like them to be.

Candy Topiary Tree - Totally edible candy topiary trees can be made simply with a pot, a block of foam, a dowel, a foam shape, and lots of candies. You just need to vary the method of attaching the candies depending on whether they are wrapped or unwrapped, and you have a totally delicious centerpiece to demolish!

Baby Shower Bundles - A baby shower bundle can make for very cute decorating ideas. Should you have an upcoming baby shower, this could be your decoration.