Baby Shower Flowers

Some of the most common baby shower decorations you will see at a baby shower are balloons, banners, pictures, table clothes, and maybe candles. But, if you really want your baby shower to be unique, you should definitely look into baby shower flowers. Though it would seem that flowers are too girly to use at a baby shower for a boy, flowers always add a nice touch to the room, even if there are only a few of them used.

Baby shower flowers can be used in many different ways. One of the most common things you can do with flowers is to arrange them into a nice setting that you could sit on a table. You will want to put the flowers on a table that is separate from those that the guests will use to eat and socialize at. A flower arrangement would look great on the gift table where the mother-to-be will sit when it comes time to open presents. You could even make the flower arrangement a present in itself. Or, as with most baby showers, there are games, and you could give the flower arrangement to a winner.

If you decide that a flower arrangement would be best to give to the new mom, try to create or buy an arrangement that has some of her favorite flowers. Moms always like flowers, especially if they are her favorite kind.

Another thing you can do with baby shower flowers is to use them as centerpieces on each guest table. For flower centerpieces, you can either go in the extravagant direction, or stick to something simple but cute. If you want to be simple, try buying vases and putting two or three flowers in them, and putting a vase in the center of each guest table. These always add a nice fresh touch. Finish off the vase with a bow, or maybe even put a small teddy bear next to it. For more extravagant pieces, you can put them in the middle of tables as well.

What kind of flowers should you look for?

With baby shower flowers, you will want to find colors and types that fit the theme of your baby shower, as well as ones that give off a fresh feeling. Some of the most popularly used flowers are baby showers are baby’s breath, carnations, miniature roses, and even plants are sometimes used. You can also use daisies, or maybe even Peruvian lilies. You can combine flowers to make a beautiful arrangement, even if it is simple.

If you’re having a baby girl, mixing pink miniature roses, carnations, and a few pieces of baby’s breath to each guest table will look great. For a boy, you may want to use daisies. White daises would work well, or you could even find ones that are dyed a blue color.

Baby shower flowers aren’t commonly used, but they add a simple but beautiful touch to any baby shower. You can make them elegant, or simple, depending on your theme, as well as your budget, and what you plan to do with the flowers.