Baby Shower Colors - Baby Shower Color Themes and Ideas

Colors are an important part of theming and decorating for your baby shower party. Pink is for girl and blue is for boy, but you can also incorporate other colors into your shower and theme. Read about these baby shower colors to see what they mean and how you can include them in your baby shower party planning and decor.

Black - For the chic and sophisticated mommy-to-be, a frilly, girly party doesn't really sit too well. Throw her an elegant, sleek black baby shower with touches of gold and watch her shine!

White - Celebrate everything that's pure and innocent with the white baby shower. Swath the party area in clouds of white and enjoy a heavenly time with your friends.

Blue - Blow off a blue mood with a sea of blues at a blue baby shower. This relaxing sea of color is a perfect way for the mommy-to-be to get ready for the hectic world of motherhood!

Pink - Keep the mommy-to-be in the pink with a frilly pink baby shower. A cocoon of pink promises to envelope the new mommy in a really girly experience.

Yellow - Fuzzy ducklings, the sun, and bananas! Isn't yellow a happy color? What better way to celebrate a happy mommy-to-be than with a yellow baby shower?

Orange - Nothing's more bouncy than an orange baby shower! With lots of creative ideas, you can gift the mommy-to-be with one fabulous baby shower.

Green - The dually cool and rich color of green is a wonderful choice as shown in a green baby shower. Actually tempering the room to a few degrees lower, it's the perfect theme for a mommy-to-be with her last months in the dog days of summer!

Purple - For a baby welcome with a difference, try out a purple baby shower! The color purple helps spark the imagination and creativity so why not throw one for an extra-artistic mommy-to-be?

Polka Dot - Celebrate the little girl in us with a polka dot baby shower. Ask friends to bring along their kids so they too could join the welcome of the baby.

Rainbow - A rainbow, like babyhood, is a beautiful but fleeting thing. Why not celebrate both with a rainbow baby shower?