Have a Polka Dot Baby Shower for a Baby Girl

What mommy-to-be does not want to reminisce about the days when as a little girl she could have fun playing with and wearing polka dots? These are colourful and playful designs that is sure to inspire the little girl in all of us. Celebrate the birth of a baby girl with a polka dot baby shower.

You could just buy polka dot designed invitations, or you could make some of your own. Simply drop different colored poster paint on velum paper for invitations. Then just freehand write the details of the party. This way there is a more personal approach that the guests are sure to appreciate. These are simple to make and it only takes a few hours to produce a dozen or more invitations.

This can be a mixed party so invite the kids along. Ask the guests to come in clothes with polka dots on them. They could actually make a game of this by trying to guess what apparel each are wearing that has polka dots. The less apparent the design, the better the guessing game.

Decorate the room with solid colors of round pillows. Cut out some assorted colored crepe paper and post them on the walls using double sided tapes. This way, it would be easy to bring down later on. There would really be no need for any other embellishments for decorations as the activity of the party will suffice the polka dots.

Here’s how:
Cover each table with plain white paper table covers. On each, set in a basket an assortment of office supplies that can produce round paper – polka dots – circle punches, colourful paper, and dot stickers and then be creative.
If there are kids around, these would also make a fun activity for teams made up of parent and kids on who can produce the best polka dot designs.

Serve snack foods on the table, again no need to embellish with complicated décor. Just place the food on the table and let them serve themselves. Simple fare too: spaghetti and meatballs, fried chicken, hamburgers, Cole slaw, melon balls in light syrup, and lots of drinks like soda, iced tea, and of course light beer.

Set out the supplies so the guests can make their own polka dot creations and kids who do come can dress up notebooks with stickers and turn pretty paper into paper jewels and dangling necklaces.

Have a party checklist ready. Make sure you have the supplies ready and handy, make sure there are extras so everyone can have fun, and a game too. How about a bingo game? This will last a long time and could occupy everyone’s attention. Most of all, it keeps to the party theme of polka dots.

Party favors should be for the kids and the adults. Place in a nice polka dot wrapped or painted box some colourful paper, dot stickers, pentel pens, alphabet stamp kit and a small notebook.