Baby Shower Favors to Make

You can make your own baby shower favors to give to your guests if you are a crafty person and like to save money. Here are some ideas of baby shower favors to make:

1) Themed Soap Favors - Firstly, to make your own soap favors, you will want to purchase a soap mold and a pot. Once you have the mold, you can use these items over and over again to make as many favors as you wish. If you don't know how to make soap, you can get someone elses bar of soap, melt it down, and pour the contents into the mold. Once it is cool, you will have your own themed soap that can be shaped like rubber ducks, teddy bears, or whatever item you want. Be sure to watch the soap while it is melting to make sure that it does not combust.

2) Candy Wrapper Favors - You can print your own paper wrapper that can be placed on candy bars. A 6.5" x 3.5" size will wrap nicely around a standard candy bar, but you can play around with the size. To get graphics, surf the web and find clipart that is suitable for your occasion. Then add whatever text you want and print out a sample wrapper and attach to a candy bar. This is a very affordable way to say thank you to your guests.

3) Candy in a Bottle - You can purchase plastic bottles or blocks cheaply and fill them with nuts or candies. People will appreciate these treats and the themed containers will help set the mood for your event.

4) Cookie Favors - You can make your own cookie favors easily as well. You will need cookie batter from the grocery store and a cookie cutter shaped like a rubber duck, teddy bear, or any other baby items. You can use whatever flavor you want and give you cookies unique baby shower shapes.

5) Candle in a bag - A miniature candle is a nice gift that you can purchase cheaply at local discount stores or malls. Simply place the candle inside a blue or pink organza bag, or wrap it in a cello bag and attach a personalized tag.

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