How to Make Lollipop Candy Bouquets

Step into a world of pure imagination with lollipop bouquets! These fanciful, fabulous candy arrangements can be given as gifts or used as centerpieces for the most talked about and most fought over bouquets you'll ever make!

These lollipop bouquets are as simple to make as they are fantastic to look at. They're just floral arrangements made with lollipop candies and other types of candy substituting as flowers. Tucked into a fun container filled with floral foam, these arrangements can be used in a room as long as you don't give in to temptation.

Start with about a dozen or so of lollipop candy in various sizes and designs, a dozen or so wrapped candies (choose ones that look good as well as taste good), hot glue, barbecue sticks, floral tape, floral wire, a craft knife and wire cutters, floral foam, colored cellophane or paper grass, curling ribbon, and a pretty container.

Cut the colored cellophane into squares to ruffle over the sides of the container. Put into the container and arrange the folds nicely. Use the craft knife to cut the floral foam to fit slightly larger than your chosen container. Push it in snugly and rearrange the folds of the cellophane.

Now on to the lollipops and candies. Starting at the blunt end of the barbecue stick, wrap a few turns of floral tape around and then attach the lollipop to it, making sure to leave the flared ends of the wrapper free. Continue wrapping the lollipop until it reaches the end of the barbecue stick. Repeat with all the lollipops.

Cover about a dozen more barbecue sticks with floral tape. Use the hot glue gun to attach wrapped candies to the blunt end of the sticks. Just attach one side of the flared ends to allow the candies to move.

Make curls with the curling ribbons and twist the floral wires around bunches of about six pieces or so of ribbon. Make sure that the lengths of wire are long enough to be about even with the lollipops and candy.

Now to create the candy bouquets. Using the craft knife (or clippers, if you prefer), cut the sticks holding the lollipops and candies into different lengths. Since the barbecue sticks are about twelve inches long, good approximations of lengths are 12”, 10”, and 8” high.

Arrange the lollipops in the container, starting with the longest sticks at the center and radiating out using the shorter sticks. When all the lollipops are in, stick in the candies, again following the same method. Fill in the spaces with the curling ribbon flowers, trimming the floral wire to fit. This time, bend the wires to make the lollipop bouquet look livelier.

If needed, cover the base of the lollipop candy bouquet with shredded paper grass. You're done!

Easy variations can be made using gumdrops and marshmallows, sticks of rock sugar, wrapped candies like kisses, and cookie lollipops. If desired, heart shapes can be cut out from construction paper and stacked. Use a small hole punch to make an opening about a quarter of an inch from the pointed bottom. Furl out the hearts to resemble the petals of a flower and stick together by putting a thin line of glue around the holes. When dry, insert the lollipop.