Baby Shower Crafts

There are many simple crafts that you can make as presents for your guest if you are hosting a baby shower. If you are attending a shower, then you can also make these items as a gift for the new mother. Here are some easy to make crafts:

1) Soap - The easiest way to make soap if you are inexperienced is to melt an already made bar of soap and mold it into your own shape. You can buy molds with baby shower themes, like rubber ducks and baby blocks. Get an old pot and melt the soap on the stove. Be sure to watch the pot carefully so that the soap does not ignite. Handmade soap is better than factory made soap for these craft projects.

2) Candles - Making candles is similar to making soap and you can use the same molds to make great themed baby shower items. Many craft supply shops will have wax for candle making and you can easily find such supplies online as well. You can even purchase some fragrance oil to make scented candles if desired.

3) Magnets and Bookmarks - These are simple crafts that you can make on your own computer. First, you will need to find a poem or verse, and all the graphics that you want to use. You can get free graphics online by searching for "free clipart". Next layout everything in a word processor like Microsoft Word and print out some sample copies. You will want to use a thin cardstock for bookmarks and you can get magnet sheets for magnets. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can print it out on your own color printer.

4) Ceramics - Pottery and clay objects make fine baby shower keepsakes as well, but this is recommended only for more experienced craft people. You can shape the clay into whatever shape you want and then add some text to personalized the gift. Bake in the oven to harden and then apply paint and/or a glossy coat as a finishing touch.

5) Painted Glass - Another simple but nice idea is taking a plain drinking glass and painting the outside with a baby related theme. Glasses can also be engraved with messages and simple logos.

More Baby Shower Craft Ideas:

How to Make Baby Shower Bows - The most popular decoration at any baby shower is how to make bows. It's actually really easy to make those pretty bows that everyone imagines.

Bouquet Ideas - Decorations like baby shower bouquets don't have to be made from fresh flowers. These can be created from artificial materials which can actually add a touch of whimsy to the celebration.

Baby Shower Arts and Crafts - Would you want to do something different at your baby shower? Why not get the guests together to create a gift for the baby or the parents-to-be? It's truly one of the best keepsakes that you can give anybody.

How to Make a Baby Keepsake Box - Keepsake boxes are a great way for a mom and her child to remember those precious moments. Take a look at this step by step tutorial on how to make your own keepsake box with pictures.

Make Your Own Invitations - Baby shower invitations can be expensive, but one alternative is to just make your own. Here's a great article on how to make your own baby shower invitations.

Make Baby Shower Candles - Some tips and ideas for making your own themed candles.

Baby Centerpiece Craft Ideas - A centerpiece is the perfect addition to make your table complete. Here are some ideas for centerpieces that you can make yourself.

Cloth Bear - Who doesn't love sock puppets and what parent-to-be could not like a cloth bear puppet? Creating one is easy and may just be the most popular gift at the next baby shower.

Boo Boo Bunny - A pretty little gift that is sure to be appreciated by mommies with young children is a boo boo bunny. Once you learn how to make a washcloth boo boo bunny, you'll definitely be making bunnies by the dozen!

Thank You Cards - Tight on money after your baby shower? Here are some ideas for making your own thank you cards.

Baby Shower Paper Products - Finish setting the mood for your party by getting the right paper products.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Bingo - One of the most popular baby shower games is baby bingo. Here is how you can make your own.

Do It Yourself Favor Tags - Another useful craft project is printable baby shower favor tags that you can attach to your party favors. This easy to make item will save you money on baby shower expenses.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Cards - Baby shower cards are important for any baby shower. Here is an overview of how you can make your own cards - thank you or invitations.

Onesie Decorating - Having baby shirt or onesie decorating as an activity for your next baby shower is definitely a good thing. Just follow these tips on how to get everyone creative and have an almost fool-proof activity.

Baby Shower Origami - Origami is a great activity for kids and any crafty individual. Check out these ideas for using origami at your baby shower.

Crepe Paper Flowers - Even if they are more thought of as a child's project, making crepe paper flowers is an easy, inexpensive way to pump up the décor in your baby shower party area. They can be made to look as real or out of this world as you like – this time, your imagination's the limit!

Baby Sock Bouquet - Baby sock bouquets look like beautiful flower arrangements, but the flowers are actually made of baby socks! Read about baby sock bouquets and how to make them.

Baby Sock Boutonneire - Show how proud you are of the daddy-to-be, too. Make this tiny but terrific baby sock boutonniere for him to wear at the baby shower, on the trip home from the hospital, or at the christening.

Baby Clothes Bouquet - One very beautifully arranged baby shower gift is a baby clothes bouquet. Using pieces of a layette, this ingenious and practical arrangement can decorate the nursery until the pieces are needed by the newborn.

Towel Bear - A terrific and easy gift to give at a baby shower is a towel bear. Just two sets of towels make a sweet little towel bear that anyone would definitely be happy to have.

Make Your Own Gift Basket - A gift basket is an easy craft idea that can also serve as a baby shower centerpiece. Learn about this craft idea for a unique gift idea for the new mom to be.

How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Banner - When hosting a baby shower or any occasion always bear in mind that you need to make a “WOW!” experience for all your guests. Your banner should fit the theme of your baby shower, so pay attention to details – from food to decorations. Try these guidelines on how to create a personalized baby shower banner.

Handmade Baby Shower Invitations - Handmade baby shower invitations are the perfect way to set the stage for the upcoming baby shower. These simple, interesting, and unique invitations will definitely not be thrown away!

Baby Scrapbooking Ideas - Creating a scrapbook doesn't require crafty baby scrapbooking ideas at the start as much as it needs careful thought and planning. Once the basic plan is in place, then the baby scrapbooking ideas can be adapted to suit your own keepsake scrapbook.

Candy and Edible Crafts

Candy Pacifier Necklace - Crafting is really fun, especially when it involves making pretty things you can eat! These candy pacifier necklaces and other edible jewelries are really simple and easy to make.

Lollipop Bouquets - These lollipop bouquets are wonderfully creative decorations, centerpieces, or gifts. Easily and quickly created, these candy bouquets are a sweet sugar rush waiting to happen.

Diaper Crafts

How to Make a Diaper Wreath - Asides for a diaper cake, a diaper wreath is another clever idea for making something useful out of diapers that the new mom will need. Read about how to make this useful decoration.

Make Your Own Diaper Cake - A great centerpiece or gift idea for any baby shower, diaper cakes are an easy to make and useful creation.

Make Your Own Diaper Baby - If you want something other than the usual diaper crafts like a cake, wreath, or teddy bear, you can try your hand at making a diaper baby. Following the basic instructions you would have for a diaper bear, this cute little diaper craft is dressed in baby clothes instead and usually laid back in a sleeping basket!

Make Your Own Diaper Bear - A diaper bear is a really fun way to present an everyday necessity for a newborn baby. Made either of disposable or cloth diapers, it's the perfect gift to make for any mommy-to-be.

How to Make Your Own Diaper Bouquet - A diaper bouquet is a useful gift no mommy-to-be will complain about! Every baby needs tons of diapers and you can never, ever, have enough.

Washcloth Crafts

Washcloth Bouquet - A baby washcloth bouquet is a fool-the-eye gift that will be truly appreciated when the baby comes. These very practical artificial flowers first are a decorative touch in the nursery then can be taken apart a bit at a time as new washcloths are needed.

Washcloth Corsage - A washcloth corsage is a very useful decoration to make for a baby shower. These little arrangements can be used as decorations for clothes and gifts, as well as components to make up bigger arrangements like a baby basket.

Washcloth Cupcake - A baby blanket or washcloth cupcake or washcloth jelly rolls are terrific fool-the-eye gifts. These imaginatively rolled and decorated necessities are great ways to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Washcloth Lollipop - Delicious looking washcloth lollipops and candies can definitely work as a fool-the-eye highlight of your baby shower! These little sweets are really easy to make and can serve as baby shower favors or even as a whole baker's dozen of gifts for the mommy-to-be.

Washcloth Roses - Washcloth roses are such pretty and practical things for a mommy-to-be. These little twists of fabric are not only useful when the baby makes a mess, but are also beautiful while they are waiting to be used.

Towel Cake - A towel cake is a pretty and practical gift for a baby shower. While it serves as a centerpiece for the celebration, it comes apart afterward for the mommy-to-be to use for her newborn.