How to Create a Fun Diaper Bear

If you want to give the mommy-to-be something fun and different at your next baby shower, a diaper bear is the best way to go. This very unusual way of presenting a gift of common diapers is a great way to make something that is rather every day a little more special.

To make one little diaper bear, you will need a pack of medium-sized diapers, a roll of three-inch wide ribbon, a roll of double-sided tape, rubber bands, a pacifier in a color you like, a pair of googly eyes or plain brown doll craft eyes, a bib, and decorations like a rattle, teether, or baby cap.

To start, unpack the diapers and open them up to form a long rectangle (don't open the wings where the tapes are located). Roll up one diaper completely and then place it in another opened diaper and roll it up again. Continue building up in this way until you reach the size you want for the body of the diaper bear and a smaller circle for its head. Secure each roll with a rubber band and then wrap each roll around with the three-inch ribbon. Hold the ribbon together with the double-sided tape.

Make 4 more rolls of one diaper each for the legs and arms, and 2 rolls using 2 diapers for the ears. Secure these with rubber bands and ribbon, too. Connect the pieces together using the double-sided tape.

Decorate the bear using the other baby items. A nose is optional, you could make one either from a large and small-sized pompom that you put one on top of the other or from a round-shaped clip to substitute for it. You could further decorate the bear using curling ribbons tied around the ears to make hair and child-sized sunglasses.

The bear could be placed in the center of a large gift basket filled with more baby necessities like washcloths roses, sock bouquets, travel-sized toiletries, small packs of baby wipes, infant's first aid supplies, and the like. It could also be used as a topper for a bear-themed diaper cake that could be decorated with bear-themed items like beanie babies, finger puppets, and bear-shaped teethers.

The bear could also sit above the gifts at the baby shower, on an elevated platform. Cover a box or a stack of books with a baby blanket. Have the diaper bear hold a baby bottle and a rattle in each of its hands by attaching them with some ribbon. Drape another blanket around the diaper bear to keep him warm while he stands guard over the gifts.

If you would rather not give disposable diapers, this bear can also be made out of cloth diapers. Follow the same instructions but fasten the diapers together with diaper pins instead. Cover the fastenings with the ribbon and assemble the bear with extra-strong double-sided tape since the cloth diapers are much heavier than the disposable ones.

Attach the decorations with more pins and lengths of ribbon. Double-sided tape is not very effective when used to stick impermeable items to cloth. You may have to incorporate them into the rolls instead.