Baby Shower Etiquette

Whether you are hosting a baby shower, attending the party, or are the mom-to-be, there are etiquette considerations and guidelines that you should follow. Here are some situations and etiquette guidelines to help you plan the perfect baby shower party or be a wonderful guest.


Second Baby Shower - Are baby showers only for the first baby? Here are some arguments for and against throwing a baby shower for children after the first.

Surprise Baby Shower - A great way to enhance the joy of a new arrival is to throw a surprise baby shower for the new mom to be. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare a surprise baby shower in a week.

Baby Shower Bedrest - Being sentenced to bedrest is a mommy-to-be's worst nightmare. Not only is there a worry about the baby, but minute details like getting ready have to be suspended. If it's possible, why not have a baby shower to help her feel better?

Thank You Etiquette - The new mom to be needs to express appreciation and thanks to the guests for attending and bring presents. Read these guidelines if you are the mother of honor at a baby shower for tips on how to properly receive gifts and give thanks to your guests and hostess.

Gift Giving Etiquette - Planning on going to a baby shower? Before choosing your gift, read these important gift giving guidelines and etiquette tips.

Baby Shower Hostess Etiquette - A baby shower hostess is usually the person that plans the baby shower to keep the stress off of the new mom to be. Here are some etiquette tips for the hostess as well as for the guests/mom, regarding the hostess.

Baby Shower Guest Etiquette - Baby shower guests should also keep a few things in mind before and after the shower. Read about these baby shower etiquette tips for guests.

Second Baby Shower Etiquette - What exactly is the proper second baby shower etiquette? You’ll want to bring the proper gifts, behave appropriately and handle the preparation with ease.

Baby Shower Protocol - Just like any tradition, there is a certain amount of protocol to follow when hosting a baby shower. The most common questions center on gift registries, who hosts the baby shower, and when the baby shower should be held.

Baby Shower Invitations Etiquette - Tips for getting organized and sending your invitations out on time.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Party - Choose the right food and drinks for your party and you'll be sure to have a great celebration. Your choice of food depends on the guests, the time, and your choice of food service.

Serving Alcohol at a Baby Shower - In the ongoing debate of whether serving alcohol at baby shower is correct or not, both sides have legitimate arguments. But the main decision remains with the mommy-to-be: if she is comfortable with having alcohol at her baby shower or not.

Baby Shower Attire - People often look forward to attending baby showers, but what kind of clothes do you wear to such an event? Read these guidelines for proper baby shower attire.

Who Pays for a Baby Shower? - The answer to who pays for a baby shower today is it depends. At the moment, there is a raging argument between traditional and modern etiquette on who is responsible for the bill.

3rd Child Etiquette - Every child is different and special, so it's now become more common to have a baby shower for a second or third child. Is it really against proper etiquette to do so?

Who to invite to a baby shower - Who needs to be invited to a baby shower? It used to be all just women, but now there are a few new faces cropping up at this celebration of life.

Emily Post Etiquette Rules for Baby Shower - Emily Post wrote a book of etiquette that covered proper ways of hosting a baby shower. Is what she wrote still relevant today, however?

Should I Invite Men to a Baby Shower? - When the question arises of whether men should be invited to a baby shower or not, there are many different answers. The modern view now embraces their presence in a baby shower and actually celebrates daddies-to-be, too.

Is Food Required at a Baby Shower? - Is food really required at a baby shower? If your budget is tight, that may be the first thing that you'd be tempted to scratch but it's really integral to any celebration. Here are a few tips and tricks that the caterers and planners use to make the food budget fit.

Should I Recognize the Grandma at a Shower? - You may want to have the grandma to be honored at the same baby shower about to be given for the daughter. Why not have a grandma baby shower just for two?

Is It Okay for the Mom-to-be to Throw Herself a Shower? - Is it really okay for the mom-to-be to throw a baby shower for herself? While there's nothing wrong with it per se, it comes off as tacky to a lot of people. But if you really want a perfect baby shower, there is a way around this.

Is It Okay to Throw a Baby Shower at the Office - Is it okay to throw a baby shower at the office? When the recipient is someone that is close to you, by all means do so. But take note of a few rules before you start planning.

How Much Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift? - Gifts are a ticklish subject and all the more when you're the one doing the giving. The best strategy is to set a budget and stick to it.

How Much Should I Spend on Baby Shower Favors? - Baby shower favors are nice to give to your guests, but how much of your budget should you spend? Here is what people typically spend on favors.

Do I Need to Get More than One Gift for a Twin or Triplet Shower? - Buying baby shower gifts cost money, but what if the mom is having twins or triplets? Is it necessary to get a gift for each baby?

Is it Okay to Give Cash as a Baby Shower Gift? - Cash is the easiest gift to give and it can be used on anything, but many people debate whether it is good etiquette to give cash as a gift for a baby shower.

Is it Okay to Ask a Friend to Throw a Shower for Me? - Every pregnant woman dreams about having a baby shower. There are times, though, when the pregnancy is about to end and there is no baby shower in sight. That's the time mommies-to-be ask if it's okay to ask a friend to throw a baby shower for them.

Is it Proper to Throw a Grandma Shower? - It's rather confusing on what to do with the grandma-to-be when it comes to the baby shower: does she get invited or not? And now comes the new trend called the grandmother baby shower. What to do about all this?

Is it Necessary to Get the Hostess a Gift? - It is a necessary thing for you to give your hostess a gift. It's a wonderful way to thank her for all the effort she's put into your baby shower.

Is it Necessary to Open Gifts at a Baby Shower? - Some people enjoy the gift opening time at a baby shower, others take it as an excuse to leave. Where do you stand on opening gifts at a baby shower?

Is it Okay to Exclude Kids from a Baby Shower? - Whether the mommy-to-be wants an adults-only baby shower or welcomes kids into the celebration would be entirely up to her. There is no wrong or right answer here, it's just a preference.

Is It Necessary to Get Baby Shower Favors for My Guests? - If you're asking yourself a question, “Do I need favors for the guests?” the answer is it's your choice. Read about these considerations and some ideas for getting favors inexpensively and reducing planning effort for favors.

When Do I Give Out My Baby Shower Favors? - Most people give out their baby shower favors at the end of the shower before their guests leave, but there are also some other possibilities for when to give out favors. Read this article for suggestions on when to hand out the party favors.

How Do I Give Out My Baby Shower Party Favors? - A question that most hostesses ask is, “How and when do I give out my baby shower favors?” There's more to giving out baby shower favors than just that, you know!