Do Grandmas Need to be Honored at a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, a baby shower focused completely on the mommy-to-be but now the grandmas are getting into the act too. You might want to ask Miss Manners, “Do grandmas need to be honored at a baby shower?”

Strictly, the answer is no. The baby shower is actually the day that makes the mommy-to-be feel that she is special and supported so she is the literal “Queen for the Day.”

However, there is a trend now to celebrate the grandma to be, too, as they are just as excited about the new life that is about to join the family. The celebrations range from a simple corsage all the way to a special baby shower that is held just for the grandmother.

If she is a first-time grandmother and has already volunteered to baby-sit, she will need to be outfitted with the same kinds of things that a first-time mom will need, too. Big-ticket items can be crossed off the gift list, though, as the gifts that are chosen for a grandma shower are the basic necessities.

This may not need to be a special and separate celebration but can also be incorporated into a family baby shower instead. You could ask the family members to bring little things that would fill up a grab basket for the new grandma, from the usual diapers and diaper wipes to a digital thermometer and baby acetaminophen in case the little one gets sick.

A thoughtful touch for the grandmother(s) to be is a little grandma corsage or personalized button for them to wear throughout the baby shower. You can have them made of baby socks or the traditional flowers instead. Pinned onto their blouses or lapels, it will set them apart from all the other guests.

Why not give the proud grandma a diaper cake of her own? It doesn't have to be as big as the one the mommy-to-be has, but it can be stuffed full of surprises. Have the basics there, she has no need of the baby toys at this point. So, you should be basing your decorations on the basic diaper cakes, and having the flowers made of baby socks and washcloths, the candles made of baby bottles, and the decorations attached on the side of the cake ranging from the usual pacifiers, cute teethers, a grooming kit, as many bibs as you can find, plus varying sizes of onesies in really pretty prints. Top those off with a baby blanket fashioned into a huge bow and a sprinkling of baby safety items all around. It's both pretty and practical for a grandma to be that will be helping to raise the new baby.

While good manners dictate otherwise, there is one thing sure about throwing a grandma shower for the new grandmother to be. She's is also going to have fun and that may take away the jitters that the mommy-to-be could be feeling. Having these times together is the best way to reinforce the bonds and get some fun in before the seriousness of having a baby makes a hobby something that you can do at your most complacent tone.

Celebrate the grandma? Why not?