Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Unique Gifts and Presents

Selecting the right baby shower gift can be a time consuming and challenging task. Here are some tips and guidelines:

Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower - Here are a few practical gift ideas for a baby shower.

Gift Suggestions - Personalized baby items such as body suits or monogrammed blankets, personalized wall art and the likes are some of the things that will always be remembered. Ensure you go for unique items with interesting designs and colors when shopping. The parents will appreciate a cool gift that is original and different.

Creative Baby Shower Gifts - Trying to find the perfect baby shower gift? Get creative and surprise the new mother to be with these creative baby shower gift ideas.

Handmade Baby Shower Gifts - Baby shower gifts don't need to be expensive – or even purchased! These handmade baby shower gifts are just a sampling of what you can make yourself.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts - The hostess works hard to plan a great baby shower. Here are some ideas for hostess gifts.

Best Baby Shower Gifts - The best baby shower gifts are practical items that the new mom can use. Here are some of the most commonly selected baby shower gifts.

Printable Baby Shower Gifts - Want to get creative? You can really save money by printing your own baby shower gifts on your own printer or creating your own personalized tags.

Twin Baby Shower Gifts - Is the new mom having twins? Here are some ideas on how to select gifts that are suitable for twin baby showers.

Personalized Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Want to get the mom a gift she will really remember? Here are some great personalized gift ideas that the new mom will love.

Proper Gifts and Etiquette - What are some proper gifts to get for the new mom? Read about these gift ideas and etiquette tips if you are attending a baby shower.

Worst Baby Shower Gifts - You certainly don't want to be on the receiving end of a comment like, “What were you thinking?” when someone opens your baby shower gift. Here are some of the worst baby shower gifts you can give and the better alternatives you can spend your money on.

Baby Shower Keepsakes - Baby shower keepsakes aren't just those that you can buy, there are some treasures that you can make yourself. These gifts are something a new mommy can use for a long time and would be treasured by the baby himself.

Individual Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Caddy - Baby Showers are then perfect chance to shower the mother to be with gifts. Give her a baby shower caddy that she can use.

Baby Shower Album - Usually not thought of, a baby shower album is a wonderful idea for the party. It gives the mommy-to-be a great keepsake of the baby shower and of the pregnancy itself.

Autograph Bear - If you're looking for a gift idea which is both unusual and memorable, you're in luck. The baby shower autograph bear and his friends can give the mommy-to-be a keepsake that she'll love to look at for years.

Autograph Picture Frame - When you want a special baby shower to be treasured forever, why not present the mommy-to-be with a baby shower autograph frame? It's really something that will be enjoyed for generations.

Autograph Plate - Keepsakes are great choices for baby shower gifts. The easiest one to make may be the baby shower autograph plate.

Autograph Items - Should you have a typical guest book? Not really, so take a look at these baby shower autograph items and decide which would be best for your baby shower.

Baby Shower Time Capsule - With time moving along so fast, what better way to keep a few moments than to create a baby shower time capsule? Have your guests join in the fun by bringing a small memento they can add to the capsule and you've got the makings of a truly memorable baby shower gift.

Baby Sock Bouquet - Mommy-to-be needs a lot of socks to cover that cute little baby tootsies and a nice way to help her with that is to make her a sock bouquet. These little socks can roll up into rosebud shapes and beautify a room while waiting to do duty at warming up baby toes.

Baby Shower Photo Album - One gift that will definitely be appreciated by the parents-to-be is the baby shower photo album. A collection of memories and thoughts is something that will be a keepsake to be treasured for generations to come.

Handmade Baby Sling - Baby slings are very popular because they keep the newborn close while allowing a busy mommy to get some work done! You can make a handmade baby sling that is inexpensive, pretty, and doesn't need a stitch of sewing!

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath - Make a very pretty practical gift for the mommy-to-be with an easy diaper wreath. Using simple and needed items like disposable or fitted cloth diapers and decorations like pacifiers, you'll be giving the new mommy a gift she can both use and enjoy.

Baby Bootie Bouquet - A cute little bootie bouquet takes on its first part of life as a decoration in the new nursery. When the baby is born, the new mommy can just unroll the little rosebuds for part two of this useful gift – a set of pretty and useful booties to cover those cute little baby toes.

Baby Shower ABC Book - Why not create an ABC book for your baby shower gift? And you don't need to be terribly crafty, either. There's no sewing involved!

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas - Baby shower gift baskets provide the new parents or the newborn with a ready made “kit” to use. It's also a great gift choice for a busy guest or one that can't find exactly what she's looking for.

Baby Shower Bunting - If you are giving a baby shower gift to people who live in cooler climates, you might like to give them a baby bunting. You will enjoy shopping for one and the parents will love it too.