The Worst Baby Shower Gifts and How You Can Avoid Gifting Them

There are great baby shower gifts that make the parents-to-be delirious with joy, especially if it's a rather practical but expensive gift they registered for on their baby registry. There are not that many people, actually, that expect to receive that brand new car seat or top-of-the-line baby stroller.

But there are those worst baby shower gifts that can make a mommy-to-be cringe, or worse, have this face of disbelief during the gift opening time at the baby shower. Really not good at all. Here are some of the things that a new parent would definitely not need (so you don't have to be on the receiving end of that look and know you just wasted your money):

One of the worst baby shower gifts you can ever get are those versions of adult clothes for newborns. Really, newborns don't usually leave the house and those pieces of clothing are quite ungainly to put on. Would you really want to put a rhinestone encrusted denim miniskirt onto a baby?

Rather, choose from those basic onesies and gift them in several sizes. The newborn grows very fast over the first year and you'll be quite sure that they'll get your money's worth out of your gift. And get them in bigger sizes. Some babies are born bigger than those size 0-3 months clothes.

Unless you really know what the mommy-to-be really wants, don't get any nursery décor. Just because the baby shower is in pink and purple doesn't mean that the nursery is going to be in those colors. Or, you may think that the clown nightlight is just perfect for someone having a circus baby shower but the new mom had a bad experience with a clown as a child and finds it “creepy.”

Purchase something neutral and practical when it comes to nursery decorations. Better yet, check the baby registry to find out what the parents-to-be really want to get and choose the nursery décor from there.

Another item on the worst baby shower gifts list is toiletries for the baby. Keep in mind that the baby may be born with sensitive skin and may not be able to use that lemon drop scented lotion and baby wash that you purchased. Your baby gift may just end up tossed in the trash, unused.

If you really must buy toiletries, get them for the mommy-to-be. She'll really appreciate the thought of a gift just for her and will definitely find an occasion or reason to use that wild rose scented moisturizing bubble bath and lotion set.

Some other things that new mommies confirmed belonged on the worst baby shower gifts list were blankets, quilts, and pillows. Aside from being a safety hazard to newborns (there shouldn't be anything fluffy in their bed until they can lift their heads and turn around on their own), these popular baby gift items are ones that just take up precious space on the shelves.

Another thing you don't need to buy is a stuffed toy. These just gather dust (bad for babies) and are usually just employed to inhabit the shelves around the nursery. If you must give a stuffed toy, choose something that will survive being covered with drool (washable), is safe to put in the mouth (organic or non-toxic), and is useful (it has a rattle, for example).