Baby Shower Game Ideas

Many baby shower game ideas have been thought of for baby showers. There are many games that can be played including printable games, retail games, and also free games that you can create yourself. Here are some ideas:

1) Baby Bingo - Played just like normal bingo, except instead of letters and numbers, there are pictures of baby related items, like pacifiers, bottles, carriages, and storks. To create your own bingo cards, you can use a word processor to create the grid and then import clipart. To find free clipart, do a search on the web for "free clipart". Follow these simple baby shower bingo rules to play.

2) Shower Raffle - A baby shower raffle is a neat way to give prizes and favors to your guests. The raffle numbers can be printed on the invitations with instructions to bring the invites to the party. The numbers can then be drawn from a baby bottle as prizes or favors are presented. It is nice if everyone gets a prize.

3) Pin the pacifier on the baby - Get a picture of a cartoon baby (or a real one) and print it out on your printer or at a print shop. Also create a sheet with pacifier pictures on it and have it printed out on an adhesive sheet. People who want to play will be blindfolded and then try to pin the pacifier on the baby's mouth. The winner can receive a prize.

4) Baby word jumble - Think of as many baby related words as you can and then mix them up. You can easily create this game and print it out on your own computer. Contestants will have a certain amount of time to unscramble as many words as possible. The person who gets the most words wins.

5) Baby word find - Create a grid on a word processor on your computer. Add as many baby related words as you like and then fill in the other boxes with letters. The winner is the team or person who finds all the words the fastest.

6) Baby scrabble - Get a normal scrabble game and reward extra bonus points or another turn for baby related words. This game can be played in teams and using more tiles than a normal game of Scrabble.

7) Pictionary - Think of as many baby related words or terms and print or write them on some cards. Contestants can draw the items and have other people guess them.

8) Nursery Rhyme Game - Here's another easy game to prepare. Take a popular nursery rhyme, omit some words, and then print it out. The object of the game is to fill in all the missing words and the winner is the first one to complete the rhyme.

9) Baby Name Game - Have your guests come up with as many baby names as they can within a certain time limit. Another variation is to see how many baby related items they can come up with. To make things more interesting, only allow certain letters. These letters can be drawn from a Scrabble bag or picked randomly.

10) Baby Mad Libs - Write a story about the new mother or baby and then omit some words and replace them with a blank space marked noun, verb, etc. Have your guests come up with words to fill in the blanks and then read the story to everyone. Baby shower mad libs are hilarious, traditional children's games that can easily be incorporated into a baby shower. These downloadable or created games can be used over and over again, and are guaranteed to give different results each and every time.

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Baby Shower Awards - Why not give out baby shower awards? It's a perfect way for you to build up your friends' self-confidence in being mothers and also shows how much you appreciate them.

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Popular Baby Shower Games - Popular baby shower games like Baby Stroller Olympics and Name That Baby have become classics on the baby shower circuit. Their charm is in the way they have been adapted from the classic games of years gone by.

Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games - Even if the guests at your baby shower don't really know each other, a simple way to get them to mingle would be to have them take part in icebreaker games at the beginning of the celebration. This is a terrific way to get people relaxed and loosened up enough to enjoy the party.

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Funny Games - There's nothing like a good laugh to make your baby shower even more entertaining. Here are some funny baby shower game ideas.

Games for Large Groups - Baby shower games for large groups allow everyone to take part in the celebration for a new baby. These games are mostly interactive team games that provide mental and physical challenges for the guests.

Homemade Baby Shower Games - Trying to save money? Take a look at these homemade shower games.

Adoption Baby Shower Games - If you are having an adoption baby shower, then you may want to try out these adoption baby shower games.

Baby Shower Word Unscramble - Games that challenge your brain are always fun! These baby shower unscramble word games are just the ticket to keep the guests on their toes.

Baby Shower Pocketbook Game - Games at baby showers are hard to plan and harder to make interesting. But, some really simple and fun games can be had using what your guests have inside their pocketbooks.

Baby Shower Tic Tac Toe - There is no more universal childhood game than tic-tac-toe! Having this as the theme to your baby shower is sure to be a unique touch that will be talked about for years.

Poem Games - Poems have always been traditional parts of baby showers. Whether used as a greeting, a gift, or part of the games, poems will always be appreciated as something individual and unique.

Baby Shower Price is Right - The Price is Right has always been a favorite game show and playing it during a baby shower will definitely bring back a lot of memories from childhood. Plus, it's a great way for the expecting mother to get baby stuff she'll use every day.

Baby Shower Family Feud - Family Feud is a very popular game show that can be converted into a baby shower game. Here is how to play baby shower family feud.

Baby Shower Puzzles - Puzzles are fun games to play at baby showers. Individual types of puzzles and team puzzles are both fun and interesting for the guests.

Baby Shower Memory Game - How much can you really remember? These baby shower memory games are a perfect way to test the guests' memory power.

Baby Shower Trivia - What a way to add to your knowledge and have fun at the same time! Any baby shower trivia game is sure to spark a spirit of competitiveness among the guests while adding to little bits of trivial wisdom that may prove helpful in the long run.

Baby Shower Word Scrambles - Baby shower word scrambles are games that challenge the imagination of the guests. There is no satisfaction greater than finally unscrambling a word and getting it right!

Baby Shower Word Games - Baby shower word games are great ways to keep your guests active participants in your baby shower. Here are a few of the more popular baby shower word games and how to make them fun for your guests to play.

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game - The candy bar baby shower game is one that connects the fun and responsibility of parenthood with the sweet names of popular candies and candy bars. After this game, you'll never look at sweets in the same way again!

Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game - Dirty diapers are an every day party of raising a newborn baby. The dirty diaper baby shower game is a fun and entertaining game for your baby shower party guests.

Baby Bottle Baby Shower Games - Baby bottle games are very traditional for baby showers. Aside from the old standby of Guess How Many Jellybeans Are in the Bottle, there are other ways to make use of the baby bottle for baby shower games.

Baby Shower Charades - We have the most fun when we watch other people acting in a silly way and charades are a prime example of this activity. This pantomime game is perfect for promoting interaction in a large baby shower.

Baby Shower Door Prize - Door Prize Games start the baby shower out right and keep the fun going all throughout. Awarding prizes to the guests at regular intervals ensures that the mood is kept festive during your baby shower and the guests also keep themselves active and involved in the celebration.

Baby Shower Lottery Tickets - Baby shower lottery tickets are a great way to express the luck the expectant parents feel when the time of the delivery draws near. You could choose to share that feeling by giving lottery tickets as a favor for the baby shower or by playing a baby shower lottery game.

Baby Shower Purse Games - This is the time to prove that the myth is true – you can find just about anything in a woman's purse! The baby shower purse game puts the contents of the guests' purses on display, and elicits a lot of storytelling and laughter, to boot.

Baby Shower Raffle Ideas - There are many baby shower raffle ideas that you can use to make your baby shower raffle a little more exciting, and different from what is normally expected. With a little imagination and a bit of work, your baby shower raffle will be a success.

Baby Shower Raffle Tickets - Baby shower raffle tickets are appearing at more and more baby showers these days. It's become a practical way to raise a little extra cash for the parents-to-be to help with little incidentals like diapers and such.

Baby Shower Scrabble - Baby shower Scrabble is one game that is a real mental challenge. What's nice is that there are several versions of this highly popular game so a shortage of Scrabble boards doesn't mean that you have to scrap this game from your list.

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game - There are two versions of “My Water Broke” baby shower game. But whether you choose to play the quieter game meant for indoors or the rowdier game that's best played in someone's backyard, each one is a lot of fun!

Baby Shower Food Game - It takes a lot of careful planning to serve the right foods and games for baby showers. So to make certain that both are involved, combine food and games together to make a fun event.

Online Baby Shower Games - Online baby showers and games are fast becoming popular. Share time with your friends even if they are away through the magic services of the Internet.

Worst Baby Shower Games - There are really better baby shower games and there are the worst baby shower games you will ever hope to play. Fortunately, you can avoid having your baby shower added to the list of those that had the worst baby shower games ever.

"Famous Baby" Baby Shower Games - No one can deny it, they love looking at celebrity pictures, more so when they involve celebrity babies! These fun games will let out the truth of exactly how much people watching your friends do!

Pin the Diaper on the Baby - Pin the tail on the donkey is a popular birthday party game for kids. Pin the diaper on the baby is a twist on this game, making it a fun baby shower game.

Baby Shower Musical Chairs - Musical chairs is a popular party game that everyone knows how to play. Here is a unique twist on this game to make it a great game for your baby shower.

Pregnant Limbo Baby Shower Game - A baby shower is a celebration of a new mom’s pregnancy. Here is a unique game that everyone will love – the pregnant limbo.