How to Host a Raffle with Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

A new activity that's fast becoming a trademark of modern baby showers is the baby shower raffle tickets. These are used as a kind of a door prize game, with raffle tickets being drawn at regular intervals during the baby shower and small prizes given to the lucky guests.

Baby shower raffle tickets can of course be purchased online and there are some really cute ones out there. Many different designs ensure that there is always a raffle ticket to match the theme of the baby shower.

But, if you can't find one that you like or there are none in your chosen theme, they are very easy to make yourself. All you need is a computer with publishing software and a printer. You could use a dressmaker's tracing or marking wheel to make the perforations in the card or simply cut it out with scissors when the guest arrives at the baby shower.

Using a template for labels, bookmarks, calling cards, or postcards, design a raffle ticket in your chosen theme. You could choose to incorporate the raffle stub in your baby shower invitation or make them just for the raffle itself. Just be sure to number the main ticket and the stub accordingly.

If you don't want to go through all the trouble of making baby shower raffle tickets on your own and also don't want to purchase them, there are some attractive ones available online that are downloadable for free. They usually come complete with unique numbers on the tickets or a place for the guests to fill out their names. Cute, practical, and free – what could be better?

If you're making separate baby shower raffle tickets, the guests need to bring something to redeem them. The redemption prize could simply be their gift or it could be some change that they deposit into a piggy bank for the mommy-to-be's petty cash fund for the new baby.

Once the guests have arrived and any needed forms are filled out, the raffle ticket stubs should be dropped into a large jar or vase – preferably clear – for all the guests to see. Draw out the raffle stubs throughout the baby shower and award the lucky winners with small prizes.

These prizes could be extra favors, or other small treasures like scented candles, lip balm, small tubes of hand cream, or tiny bars of perfumed soap.

Have one large gift as a main prize. Again, it doesn't have to be something expensive but it would be nice if it's something they wouldn't ordinarily buy for themselves. Something pampering like a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure, a gift certificate for Starbuck's, a coin purse, or a pair of pretty handkerchiefs would be just perfect.

New babies go through tons of diapers and also have hundreds of tiny little incidentals that all add up to a lot of expenses. This baby shower raffle is one way for the host to help out the mommy-to-be by raising a small amount of money to start out as a nest egg for her to draw on in case of little emergencies.