Couples Baby Shower Planning Tips and Ideas

There use to be a time when baby showers were only for women. An increasingly popular trend is baby showers for couples that include both the new mom as well as the baby's father. Special considerations can be taken for themes, invitations, food, and games to adequately prepare to involve men in the shower. Here are some planning tips and ideas for a couples baby shower party.

Couples Baby Shower Ideas - Baby shower favors are definitely something that will be scrutinized for a long time after the celebration. Show off the different vibe of your couples baby shower with these ideas for different, unique, and practical favors that will definitely not end up in the trash after the get-together.

Couples Baby Shower Invitations - Invitations for couples baby showers can be traditional as well as unusual. The invitations actually set the mood for the celebration, so it's worth it to put a little more thought into how it will be presented to the guests.

Couples Baby Shower Decorations - Couples baby showers call for a different sorts of decorations not normally found in traditional baby showers. Staying away from the expected pastel colors and making use of the more unexpected darker hues or neutrals make for a baby shower that's as charming as it is unusual.

Couples Baby Shower Food - While more men are showing up at baby showers, everyone would agree that it's usually the food that draws them there and keeps them there. An alternative to the light food served at traditional baby showers would be either an Italian, Tex-Mex, or Asian-inspired menu. The healthy but hearty food will keep the couple full and happy.

Couples Baby Shower Games - If you are planning on offering games for entertainment at your baby shower, check out these ideas for couples baby shower games.

Couples Baby Shower Themes - Couples definitely look forward to bringing their baby into the world, why shouldn't both of them enjoy a different kind of baby shower? Just tweaking the theme a little bit can let both Mommy and Daddy enjoying the feeling of being the special guest of honor.

Couples Baby Shower Menu - Dads are becoming more of a part of the family when they show up for the baby showers. But what to choose for a couples' baby shower menu that will make both the men and the women happy?