Non-gender Themed Decorations for Couples Baby Showers

When both men and women are invited to a baby shower, the decorations should reflect that, too. Men are usually “forced” to attend baby showers, it still having the stigma of a “female-only” celebration. But, there are more and more couples that are breaking that gender barrier these days.

Try not to have too girly decorations, meaning, don't be traditional. A lot of women don't like to admit it, but they actually don't like pink! Ask the guest of honor what her favorite color is, and decorate around that. The décor itself should be simple and elegant, something that can be achieved better with neutral or jewel colors, rather than the cutesy-cutesy pastels that people normally associate with baby showers.

Let's outline a few combinations that can be used during a couples' baby shower. A totally untraditional color scheme would be black and white, with jewel-tone touches. While it's elegant enough to satisfy the females, it's not so girly that one look would send men sprinting for the door.

Think Mardi Gras when going for these types of decorations. For example, a very simple way of using these colors would be to cover the main tables with plain black tablecloths and use an overlay of either plain white or patterned black-and-white overcloths. As a centerpiece and as the main decorations for the food table, clear glass vases (like what you get from florists) can be filled with Christmas balls in jewel tones. Sprinkle the tables with glass beads or rhinestones and get your party on!

Primary colors seem to soothe the male soul and this is a good time to make use of them. If you think these colors can't be classy, think Mercedes Benz or Ferrari. These cars come in primary colors, right? Pair them with white for a lighthearted theme or with black for something more formal. Picture this:

Using white tablecloths as a base, top them with overcloths in rainbow colors. Tie-dyed rainbow overcloths would give off a more hippie/bohemian/Hawaiian vibe, depending on the feel you're going for. Top the tables with contrasting colored vases of cheap and cheerful daisies and gerberas to liven up the place even more. To tone down the riot of colors, use plain white plates to set the tables and to serve the food. Scatter daisy heads among the food platters to add more spikes of colors. The white napkins can just be simply folded or tied with ribbons that pick up the rainbow colors of the room.

If you're aiming for a more relaxing, spa- or resort-themed couples baby shower, then a palette of neutrals is in order. Think of an Asian-inspired resort, for example, or maybe just your favorite cup of cappuccino and slice of chocolate mousse cake and pull your decorations scheme from there.

Raw, unbleached and unironed linen cloths can be used as tablecloths here, with maybe a centerpiece of interesting driftwood surrounded either by scattered shells or brushed metal beads. Decorations here shouldn't be shiny, but just burnished and glowing, to keep the relaxed feeling uppermost. Touches of green leaves are a pleasant contrast. If very large leaves can be found, they can be used as liners under the serving platters or plates.

So, decorations for a couples baby shower can be planned without even a hint of pink in sight. Now that's something refreshing, indeed.