Baby Shower Planning and Etiquette

Planning a baby shower takes lots of careful thought and preparation, all the way from creating the guest list to putting up the last decorations. With the proper preparation and timing, you can make your celebration an event that the mom to be and all your guests will remember for years to come. Below are some tips on some common baby shower topics on planning and etiquette:

Baby Shower Budget Worksheet Template - The baby shower worksheet template is a necessary part of planning. That's because everything starts with a budget.

Baby Shower Boutique - This is something to make a baby shower planner happy – the baby shower boutique exists. It's a terrific one-stop-shop that has literally everything you need for the baby shower.

Boy Baby Shower - A boy's baby shower is not impossible to plan, it just requires more imagination to do it. Think out of the box if you want ideas for a boy's baby shower that isn't simply tried and true.

Baby Shower Activity Ideas - Baby showers are mainly for spending time with loved ones and getting a lot of baby gear. Here are some fun activity ideas for a baby shower.

Baby Shower Belly Painting - When the time of pregnancy is almost at the end, why not commemorate that period with a belly painting activity at the baby shower? It's a fun thing for everyone to get into and the mommy-to-be will love showing off her decorated belly!

Baby Shower Advice - Planning a baby shower requires lots of thought and preparation. Here is some practical advice for planning your baby shower party.

Baby Shower After Birth - There's nothing wrong with having a baby shower after the birth. In fact, there are parents who prefer it since the friends and family can meet the baby and it becomes a party as well.

Baby Shower Party Planning - Baby shower party planning can be less painful and stressful with two simple things: a schedule and a checklist. These two go together like hand in glove and make the planning for the baby shower a relative breeze.

How to Pick a Party Theme - Knowing how to pick a party theme is one of the best ways to throw a great party or baby shower. Having a theme is one way to make the baby shower more cohesive and easy to put it together.

Baby Shower Menu Planning - Ensure that you keep everything simple, this way you will also be able to dine with the rest of the guests because the last thing you would want is being stuck cooking all day. Assigning other people work will make everything a lot easier. Another thing is, it will be better to prepare all the menu ideas a day before which will make it easier to assemble them in the morning in preparation for the baby shower. Read more menu planning tips for picking the right food for your event.

Baby Shower Timing - Timing is a very important consideration when planning a baby shower, including when to send out invitations, when to purchase favors, and more.

Background Music - Although most people don't think of it, the background music at a baby shower is a necessary. While it does require quite a bit of thought, you might want to look at these tips to make the process easier.

Stress Free Party Planning - It's not easy to plan a seamless party but you can make it less stressful with some tips on stress free party planning. These little pointers will help you enjoy the next party you'll be throwing.

Baby Shower Registry - Setting up a baby shower registry is a good way to prevent duplicate gifts and also to get the right gifts that the baby needs. Read these Planning Tips for Getting a Baby Shower Registry Set up

Baby Shower Locations - Choosing a location for your baby shower depends on several factors, including the number of guests, the mom-to-be's preferences, and convenience. Read this advice on how to pick a location for your event.

Baby Shower Hall - The venue is an important consideration when coordinating a baby shower, and if you have a lot of guests, a hall or function room is the best place to get. There are, however, a few questions that you must consider before making your final choice.

Baby Shower Hotels - The baby shower may draw guests from out of town and a thoughtful thing for you to do is to block hotel rooms for them or inform them of where else they can stay while in town. It's one way to show the guests that care enough to come from out of town that you care about them, too.

Favors and Invitations - Favors and invitations are an important part of your baby shower planning. Here are some tips and ideas for favors and invitations.

Baby Shower Checklist - Make sure you have these baby shower lists before planning your party.

Baby Shower Entertainment - Planning the entertainment for a baby shower can be quite a task. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Baby Shower Ice Breakers - It's always best to include a baby shower ice breaker during your celebration so that people get a sense of working together. Great baby shower ice breakers force the guests to interact and actually become closer and more comfortable with each other.

Fun Baby Shower Activities - Here are some ideas for some activities you can plan for your guests.

Baby Shower Music - How to select the right music for your baby shower.

Baby Shower Songs - Choosing the right music can help set the mood for your event. Here are a couple of song ideas for your party and tips for choosing music for your celebration.

Baby Shower Thank You Cards - After the shower, it is a nice idea to send thank you cards to your guests for attending. Here are some tips.

Modern Mom Baby Shower - Take the stress out of planning a baby shower with these tips for the modern mom.

Baby Shower Planner - One of the best ways to remove the stress of planning a baby shower and make sure things go smoothly is to hire a professional baby shower planner. Here are some tips for selecting a baby shower planner.

Baby Shower Photographer - The baby shower photographer is a very important part of the celebration but one that is often overlooked. The shots that are captured of the gamut of emotions during the party are definitely going to fill a keepsake book that will be opened and reminisced over again and again.

Baby Shower Pins for Guests - Pins are one of the things that conjure up images of babies and baby showers from times gone by. They're also a terrific motif to use for a green baby shower, and also make wonderful gifts in themselves for guests to bring home.

What Time and When to Have a Baby Shower - When should you have a baby shower? The best person to answer that question would be the guest of honor herself, but here are some guidelines for what other people usually do.

Where to Have a Baby Shower - Base the location on the baby shower budget and the number of people that will be attending.

How Long Should a Baby Shower Be? - How long should a baby shower last? Long enough to make everyone happy but short enough that they don't become bored.

Saving Money

Planning a Baby Shower Budget - Baby shower budgets are actually great ways of envisioning what you can do at the celebration. Budgets help you be more realistic, as well as more creative, when planning your baby shower.

Cheap Baby Shower Ideas - A few ideas on how to save money and still throw a great baby shower

Budget Baby Shower Ideas - How to set a budget for a baby shower and more ideas for throwing a baby shower on a budget without sacrificing fun.

Buying Bulk Candy and Supplies - As much as people love planning for and attending baby showers, there is always a difficulty in finding supplies that are within the set budget, especially if a big amount is required. That's when bulk baby shower candy and supplies come to the rescue of the planner and the budget!

Unique Considerations:

Office Baby Shower - Advice for hosting a baby shower in the office for a co-worker

Adoption Baby Shower - How are adoption baby showers different from traditional baby showers and how should you prepare for them? Click here to find out more.

Baby Shower Wine and Cheese Tasting - Give the new parents a little adult time with a baby shower wine and cheese tasting. This is a very simple gathering to set up and can provide a host of new information and maybe introduce a new favorite food – or two.

Baby Shower Potluck - Potlucks and baby showers are two words that can go together. In fact, a potluck theme is a wonderful and easy way for a group of friends to host a baby shower together.

Having a Baby Shower After Baby is Born - Most baby showers are held before the baby is born, but it is still okay to have a shower after the baby is born. Here are some advantages to having the shower after the child is born.

Autumn Baby Shower - An autumn baby shower means a wonderful time outside in a picnic or just enjoying your friends at a special celebration. Bring autumn in so it can be enjoyed indoors and out!

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Baby Shower Photography - Once you have one of the more important roles in a baby shower – being the photographer – you realize it's both nerve-wracking and strenuous. There are a few suggestions you can follow to ensure you take the best photographs possible.

How to Make Your Baby Shower Special - There are tons of ways how to make a baby shower special. All you need to do is to focus on the mommy-to-be and what she prefers, and the baby shower will definitely be a very personal and unique one.

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