Selecting the Right Music for Your Baby Shower

A baby shower is the mother-to-be’s perfect opportunity to introduce her new child to a world of friends, family members and caregivers. There is so much planning that needs to go into organizing a baby shower that will be fun, loving and in addition, informative for the new mother. The first thing that a mother-to-be needs to do is select a theme for her baby shower. There are many routes that she can go. She can choose to do a cultural theme, she can choose to have a sex specific theme or she can go the cutesy route. Once the new mother has selected a baby shower theme, the fun continues as she now has to select the type of music that will compliment her baby shower theme. When selecting music for a baby shower, the new mother has so many options to choose from. She can select music such as lullabies and children’s songs if she is doing a cute theme. The mother can choose traditional songs that have been sung to babies in her family for generations, or she can make a CD with songs that have the word baby in them.

A play list of lullabies and nursery rhymes carefully selected for the baby shower will keep the invitees calm. They will spend the time oooing and ahhhing over the sweet soothing sounds of old familiar lullabies that they sang to their children and will join in with excitement as the nursery rhyme songs play. The music that is selected for a baby shower is a tribute to the baby but it is also a time for those in attendance to reflect on their past pregnancies and relish the joy of their children growing older.

If the woman selects a cultural theme for her baby shower than she should complement the theme with cultural songs and lullabies that have been sung to babies for generations. By choosing cultural music, the woman is introducing her newborn baby to the family’s culture. She is also showing respect to her family members, especially the older women.

Selecting baby shower music with the word baby in it is a fun way to create a CD play list. The new mother can pick random songs with the word baby in the title or she can go back to the decade that she grew up or the decade that the baby is being born in and select some of the top songs that include baby in the title. Some of the top songs over the years that are chosen to be played at baby showers are: “I Got You, Babe” by Sonny and Cher, “Baby Love” by the Supremes and “Take Good Care of my Baby” by Bobby Vee.

Whatever music the woman selects to compliment the theme of her baby shower, she should have fun. The music played is done so to make the baby shower attendees reminisce about the love they have for their children and the love they are going to give to this new child.