Baby Ceremony Ideas - Baby Ceremonies and Celebrations

The birth of a new baby is a joyous event for celebration. Asides from baby showers, there are also many other types of ceremonies and celebrations that often take place to celebrate the birth of a new child. Here are some of the most common baby ceremony events and ideas for when a newborn baby enters the world:

Baby Bris Ceremony - Traditions are very important in the Jewish religion and they all start with the baby girl's Simchat Bat and the baby boy's Bris Ceremony. These rituals all focus on making the new baby a beloved part of the Jewish Church and an honored member of the family.

Baby Blessing - What is a baby blessing? This special church ceremony is usually one that welcomes the child into the church but doesn't include baptism just yet. It's a terrific way to have the babies affirmed as part of the family.

Baby Naming Ceremony - A beautiful alternative to a traditional Church Christening, the baby naming ceremony and friends together to welcome the new baby into the world. This special ceremony serves to bring everyone together and form ties that create a web of safety and security for the newborn.

Baby Welcoming Ceremony - Show the world how much your child means to you with a baby welcoming ceremony! A simple ceremony that incorporates your own traditions, it is all the more memorable and personal for everyone involved.

The Difference between a Christening and a Blessing - There are various ceremonies that welcome the newborns into the Church. But, there are some differences between a christening and a blessing. What are they?

Planning a Christening Party - Planning a Christening party is actually a simple thing. Just keep everything white, light, and sweet.

Baby Blessingway - When the traditional baby shower is not quite right for the mommy-to-be, it might be a better idea to hold a blessingway instead. This ancient ritual is one focused entirely on the mother, something which is a wonderful idea for that period in time.