Baby Shower Cakes

There are plenty of things that you need to do when planning a baby shower. The first thing that you must decide in order to have a successful baby shower is the baby cake. It is one of the most important elements that you need to have when having a baby shower.

The baby shower cake is often times the center piece of a baby shower party. The cake is normally a white mix with a two or three tiered cake which is decorated with lots of adorable baby items such as edible diaper pins, rattles, butterflies, pacifiers, small teddy bears as well as flowers.

Nowadays, more parents tend to choose adorable dainty cakes during their baby shower party. Dainty cupcakes are also popular for baby showers.They look a lot cuter and fun especially knowing that the party is all about the arrival of a baby. The colors for the cake decoration are generally light sky blue for boys whereas for baby girl, it is often light baby pink. The colors usually make the baby shower cake look colorful and certainly cheerful looking.

However, there is an alternative option for baby shower cakes if you want a more unique way to celebrate those special moments. These cakes are called diaper cakes which are made with real baby diapers. So, you can't serve this type of cake as a dessert to your guests. However, diaper cakes usually serve as a double duty to the parents to be as they are not only acts as an adorable centerpiece to your guests but it is also the most practical gift for the new baby.

It is quite easy to make a diaper cake as the disposable diapers are usually newborn sized. All you have to do is stack them up to make a few layers. Decorate them with some laces or ribbons in order to keep the diapers in place. Once your baby arrives, you can just pull off the ribbons or laces and start using the diapers.However, if this task is too tedious for you, you can always order this type of cake for your baby shower online.

Regardless of the type of baby shower cakes that you will decide on the day of your baby shower, the most important thing is to have a lot of fun. It will certainly make the occasion more memorable for everyone especially for the parents to be if the baby shower is well organized.

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