Baby Shower Cakes for Twins

If you are throwing a baby shower for someone who you know is having twins, then get ready since you will have extra fun coming up with a cake that will celebrate the miracle of the twins. Everyone knows that having twins is a special event and you can let everyone know that the kids are twins through the kind of cake that you choose to present to the guests during the shower. Of course there are the usual things to take into account like the sex of the babies: are they girls? Are they boys? Maybe they are even fraternal twins. Do not worry, there are ways around this dilemma. You can always ask the parents. If they do not know, then there are ways around that as well. If you think looking for cakes for single babies are fun, wait until you start the quest or baby shower cakes for twins. You will enjoy all the twin themed cakes that you will find. You might even have to get two cakes in honor of the situation. That is all up to you and also of course, to the parents to be. Just ask them if they have any preferences for the cake that they want and you can start looking around for the cake. If you have the skills, you may even make the cakes on your own.

First thing that you can look at are cakes that are centered on cartoon characters that are twins. Have you heard of the twin stars? How about Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the twins from the story Alice in Wonderland. They can make for some really cute cakes that you can present to the parents. If they like Alice in Wonderland, then you have certainly found the perfect baby shower cake for their twins.

You can also choose the more common peas in a pod theme for your twin cake. This is really cute and it is no wonder that it is a time tested favorite. You can get a cake and have the baker use cupcakes and green icing to show the peas in a pod. You may even have the cake shaped as a pod and use cupcakes for peas.

Another theme that you might be interested in for you baby shower cakes for twins is the Noah’s ark theme. You might not immediately see why this could work but here is a clue, didn’t the animals go into the ark in pair? Get it now? This is a very cute theme for your cake and also one that will tell the guests about the twins. If done right, this cake could serve as your centerpiece even.

Just keep in mind that double the number of babies does not mean that you should double up on stress. It just means that you will have twice as much fun when you are searching for the perfect cake for the baby shower. So go ahead and enjoy yourself, twins are not very common after all.