Baby Shower Animals and Animal Themes

One popular theme idea for baby showers is animals. Animals are often used to decorate children's rooms and are often associated with babies because of their cuteness. Check out some of these animal based baby shower theme ideas that you can use for your baby shower party:


Animal Babies - Sometimes, we get stuck trying to decide what theme we should use for a baby shower, particularly when we don’t want to give the gender away. The easiest way to stay gender neutral is by making animals your theme, and to make it more appropriate to the occasion cute animal babies are always a crowd pleaser.

Bunny Theme - Themes are very popular for baby showers nowadays and there are so many that you can choose to do. For your next baby shower, why not choose a bunny theme that you are sure to have fun with.

Bug Theme - Normally, you wouldn't want to have a house full of bugs. But why don't you make an exception with your next baby shower with a bug baby shower theme?

Barnyard Theme - When the mommy-to-be wants a farm, lives on one, or simply misses one, why not have a barnyard-themed baby shower? It's a lot of fun to plan and to enjoy!

Bird Theme - Celebrate the nesting instinct with a bird-themed baby shower! With all the bird themes to choose from you'll be sure to have one that will be as individual as the mommy-to-be herself.

Cute as Can Bee - Everything is cute as can bee with a honeybee baby shower theme. It's a truly sweet baby shower to have in more ways than one!

Frog Baby Shower - Ribbit! Frogs are actually an increasingly popular baby shower theme.

Fish Baby Shower - Have a whopping good time with the fish baby shower. All things fishy are sure to please avid fisherman parents and the little fisherman-to-be.

Kitten Baby Shower - A cat-lovin' mommy-to-be will be sure to appreciate this kitten baby shower. An affectionate poke at her love for cats, it will elicit a laugh or two and also make for a really relaxing afternoon.

Puppy Baby Shower - A precocious baby shower based on adorably cute puppies will make anyone go “Awww.” But make it one with a twist; instead of the puppies getting the cuddling and pampering, let the guests and the mommy-to-be have some time getting pampered instead.

King of the Jungle Baby Shower - The King of the Jungle baby shower takes everyone on a walk on the wild side. Do a little fun exploring of the “Dark Continent” with your friends and family.

Koala Baby Shower - For a baby shower with a down-under twist, give the mommy-to-be a koala baby shower. This sweet marsupial truly is one of the cutest things on the planet, just as that much awaited baby is sure to be, too.

Lamb or Sheep Baby Shower - A little lamb or sheep is a cute theme for a baby shower. Learn about how you can throw a lamb or sheep themed baby shower.

Penguin Baby Shower - It's a different take on the winterland theme with a penguin baby shower! Some frosty settings make for a perfect winter escape for the mommy-to-be.

Monkey Baby Shower Theme - Looking for a unique theme? Here are some suggestions for throwing a monkey themed baby shower.

Panda Baby Shower - There was never a sweeter looking bear than the panda! And this very sweetness makes him a great candidate for a fun and relaxing panda baby shower theme.

Safari Baby Shower - Show the new mother-to-be that it's a lot of fun in the wild world of parenting. A safari baby shower provides just the right note of whimsy to make that new mommy smile.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower - Noah's Ark allows a lot of freedom in the baby shower if you choose it for a theme. If you can work the animals into it, you can take your baby shower in almost any direction.

Pink Ladybug Baby Shower - When springtime is near and the birth of a baby girl even nearer, celebrating with a pink ladybug baby shower seems the perfect thing to do. With such deliciously tinted colors as pink and brown or black, this is a wonderful party to have with a mommy-to-be.

Dragonfly Baby Shower - Celebrate the joy of a new birth with a dragonfly baby shower theme. In naturals and neutrals, this ravishingly different theme lets you get together with your friends and relax with each other.

Elephant Baby Shower - The elephant baby shower is one theme that could be cute and regal at the same time. These lovable pachyderms are always a favorite in the nursery and could be one at a baby shower, too.

Unicorn Baby Shower - Indulge in flights of fantasy with a mystical unicorn baby shower. A light and airy theme like this makes it a perfect baby shower to hold outdoors during the summer.

Zoo Baby Shower - Go where the wild ones are and celebrate the newest addition with a zoo baby shower. A recreation of a favorite place when growing up, this zoo baby shower is guaranteed to elicit a laugh from the mommy-to-be.

Circus Baby Shower - Celebrate the three-ring circus known as parenthood with a circus baby shower! Channel your inner child with fun food and games and enjoy the greatest baby shower on earth!

Baby Shower Animals - The baby shower animals theme is one that is a barrel of fun. Any party based on cute animals that the mommy-to-be loves would definitely be one that the guests would enjoy as well.

Butterfly Theme - Nothing could be more cheery than having a baby shower butterfly theme. They are colorful and look very cheerful which is what you want for a baby shower.