There's Something Fishy at the Fish Baby Shower!

Have a fun time with this fish baby shower. Great for a couples shower where one or both are avid fishermen, a fish baby shower can provide several hours of fishy fun.

There are several different themes you can use with the fish baby shower. Foremost is a fisherman's theme, then the aquarium, and the pond theme. Let's take the fisherman's theme for this fish baby shower. There are many terrific invitations that feature fish available commercially, it would be much easier to just choose one to send. There is actually a beautiful, fish-shaped postcard is various colors that you can use! But if you prefer to make your own, a simple cut-out round with scalloped edges and a stamp of a fish on a line would be graphic and straight to the point.

A color scheme of bright orange, blue, yellow, and green will work wonderfully with cutouts of little fish stamped here and there. The room itself could be awash in blue light to set the atmosphere for a watery world by simply changing some of the bulbs to blue. Blow up some fish cutouts and stick them onto the walls for an aquarium-like effect. Add a few pale blue rounds with silvery highlights to mimic bubbles. Add a few ferns here and there to make it look like the underwater feathery plants.

For each table, cover with a light green or light blue fabric and use a fish net as an overcloth. Use an open tackle box as a centerpiece and fill it with gummy worms and fish, goldfish, and a small bouquet of red and yellow organic, unsprayed gerberas or daisies. You could either use the specialty fish-patterned plates and napkins or just choose plain green and blue colored tableware. Make little bundles of the utensils and napkins by tying them up with baby ribbons in red and yellow.

Decorate the buffet table in the same way but use a goldfish bowl as the centerpiece with a few goldfish swimming inside, and colored glass pebbles in the color scheme of the fish baby shower at the bottom to tie them into the setting. Top the aquarium with a few floating flower heads of gerberas or daisies – again make sure the flowers are organic! Elevate the goldfish bowl to make it more prominent on the table. Serve your food on clear glass platters or use blue and green platters instead. Have a few artificial fish swimming among the platters and scatter some blue and green half marbles around to simulate bubbles.

For the food, fish and chips would be the most obvious choice on this menu. Add some goldfish with warm spinach dip, a plain and spinach noodle combo that simulates seaweed simply tossed with a marinara sauce or with an olive oil and garlic dressing and tons of parmesan cheese, and a frilly lettuce salad with diced red and yellow peppers, mandarin oranges, and plain vinaigrette. For dessert, have Dirt – a concoction of chocolate pudding topped with powdered chocolate biscuits or Oreos with gummy worms and gummy fish decorating the top. Beverages could be a blue-colored punch with gummy fish ice cubes floating in them.

For the cake, make it in a flavor the mommy-to-be chooses. There are many choices there for how the cake is to look – either have it like a whole fish (the whopper that didn't get away) or a layered cake with fondant or gummy fish for decorations.

The favors could be a simple bag of goodies: a small cellophane bag of fish-shaped soaps, a container of bath salts, and a wonderfully strange fishing fly to top it all off.