Baby Shower Prizes and Ideas

Baby shower games and prizes are a very popular activity at most showers. There are many ideas for prizes for such games. Be sure to think about the guests and things that they may find useful while at the same time maintaining the "baby" theme whenever possible. Below are some simple examples of baby shower prizes:

1) Candy Bottle - Take a baby bottle and fill it with the candy of your choice. Add some ribbon on top of personalized label and cards if desired. Candy is a nice game prize for both children and adults.

2) Cookies - If you can bake, then cookies is another fine edible treat that will make a nice prize for your baby shower games. You make cookies for everyone, but then make a few special cookies for that lucky winner. The winner cookies can be shaped like baby rattles, rocking horses, or many other baby themes.

3) Soap - Soap is a useful favor for just about any guest. You can purchase soap molds cheaply and make a variety of shapes. Fragrance oils can also be used to add baby powder or any other scent you like.

4) Mini Cake - A single serving cake is another nice treat. Your local bakery probably has these or you can make them yourself. These cakes can come in various flavors.

5) T-shirt - Shirts are always popular as prizes, although people's sizes may vary. The shirt can be personalized as a reminder of the baby shower event.

Picking the right baby shower prize can make your baby shower games even more fun. In some cases, you can even have prizes for everyone so that all your guests get something while the winner gets the special grand prize.