Choose a Bird Theme for Your Baby Shower

The baby shower is just another “nesting” instinct that new mothers have. It's a quick and fun way to get everything that is needed for the baby together. Celebrate that nesting instinct by having a bird-themed baby shower.

You can of course choose through the many bird themes to find the one you like best. From the baby birds, bird nests, chicks, ducklings, and storks, this is a wonderful theme that you can personalize as you like.

A cute theme to have would be baby birds in a nest. And why not? There's nothing more heart-warming than the sight of a momma bird caring for her young in her snug little nest.

Start off with the invitations. Either purchase one that you can easily find on the internet or make a round card embellished with brown crepe paper scraps to make the nest and position three pastel-colored pompoms inside that have tiny eyes and a sliver of construction paper for a beak glued on. Write the details of the baby shower at the back.

This is one baby shower where robin's egg blue and Jordan almond pink are the perfect colors. Have bunches of balloons in these colors decorating the party area. Instead of streamers, make giant bows in crepe paper and tack them onto the walls. As décor for the tables, stick bunches of twigs into vases. These can either be flowering twigs or dried ones that you glued flowers on. Attach artificial birds to the twigs and you're done.

Have pink and blue vases on the tables and fill them with pink and blue hydrangeas. Scatter a few petals on the table to make it look like floral confetti. Use all white plates and linens for this table setting and center your favors on the plate and folded napkin – little nests filled with candied almonds in pink and blue.

The buffet table should also be covered in a white tablecloth to match. Have a larger centerpiece of flowered branches at the center also embellished with artificial birds. If you can, nestle a nest with artificial chicks at the foot of the vase. Sprinkle the buffet table with hydrangea confetti, too.

The food should be simple and light. Why not serve a fresh fruit salad with cold pasta? It's an unusual combination yet one that is familiar enough to everyone to be comfortable. Stuffed eggs make the perfect bird-themed accompaniment.

As for dessert, bird's nest cupcakes are perfect! Simply make cupcakes in your favorite flavor and top with blue or pink icing. Arrange shreds of toasted coconut over the top and then press in chocolate eggs with pastel candy coating in the center. To drink with this, prepare a hibiscus tisane punch mixed with equal amounts of apple juice and lemon tisane. Serve this with a stirring stick decorated with pink and blue sugar crystals.

As a fun activity, why not learn how to fold origami cranes? Once you've explained that these paper cranes mean love and friendship and that the colors have special meanings (pink means happiness and tenderness and blue means honor and faith), this will definitely become a cherished activity to do.