Frog Baby Shower Theme

Whether you are the hostess or the expectant mother, the frog baby shower is truly a shower from a fairy tale. And, if this is not your first baby, than it is an excellent shower to have. Regardless, it truly is soft in nature, adorable, and loved by all. There is something very special about the frog and decorating a baby shower party theme with the décor of the frog is a baby shower to remember.

Baby showers are a time when expectant mothers gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of a new child, and each special guest selects something special for the baby. It is definitely a must for new moms to gather everything they need for the baby, which would normally be unaffordable. When it comes down to it, the baby needs at least twenty receiving blankets alone. It is incredible the amount of materials that a little life needs.

Planning a baby shower is relatively simple. It begins with a guest list, invitations, cakes, food, beverage, favors, games and decoration. And, with the frog baby shower, you won’t have the worries of not having enough to choose from. The theme this year for frog baby showers is hot and there are plenty of selections to choose from. When planning a baby shower you will want to send out the invitations about four weeks in advance. This is standard and a courtesy. Once you have received all the invitations back, you will be ready to begin planning. Take the guest list and start thinking of supplies centered on the guests. The cake is likely one of the most important aspects of the day, and you definitely will want to make sure that you find a bakery that not only has good taste, but has good selection. Once you settle on the cake- which can also be one of the last things you do, provided you don’t leave it to long, you will be ready for decorating for the scene.

The frog decorations will be simple. Green and lively. You may choose to decorate with solid green table clothes with lily pads on top with a few fake frogs, or you may choose simple green candles. Whatever your choice you will want to have a few remnants of the frog. The nice thing about the frog baby shower is there are a lot of homemade decorations that can be included in the scenery. You can decorate with green balloons, make pictures of frogs and place them on the wall or you can make little bars of soap in the shape of frogs. The possibilities are endless.

Also games can be very creative. You may wish to choose games such as pin the tail on the donkey only place the frog on the lily pad. Or you might choose to do some sort of craft in which you all do something for the baby which includes a frog. Whatever you do, make it fun, and be creative. And, don’t forget your guest with a token of appreciation and a momentum of the day, by presenting them with a favor. The favors can range from anything from a frog trinket to a candle.