Baby Shower Butterfly Theme

Baby shower themes are there so that planning can be easier and so that your baby shower looks more coordinated. You do not have to spend so much to make it nice since the coordinated décor will make it seem like you spent a lot of money for your party when in reality, you just spend a little.

Why not choose a baby shower butterfly theme? This is a baby shower theme that also comes with a lot of ways that you can get creative.

Butterflies are very whimsical creatures that come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some are bright yellow while others are made up of brilliant color combinations. This means that if you employ a butterfly theme for your baby shower, you will have plenty of color combinations to choose from, and isn’t it great to have that choice?

For decorations, you can decorate your place with tulle tied to the back of chairs in imitation of butterfly wings and also to give the place a light airy feel that is very reminiscent of butterflies fluttering about. You can choose tulles in different colors as well. For your table toppers, you can find a vase and put in some flowers and stick some plastic butterflies in the mix. As a special treat for your guests, you can look for large plastic butterflies and glue then to some popsicle sticks to make really pretty butterfly fans that the guests can use during the party and bring home after. If you cannot find any large plastic butterflies, you can improvise by looking for some butterfly clipart and printing them out. You then glue them to some cardboard and cut out the butterfly shape after which you glue the cutouts to some sticks. You may also choose to wrap the sticks with some satin ribbons in pretty pastel colors.

You can then continue the butterfly theme through the cakes and also the giveaways at the end of the party. You can give your guests some butterfly themed stationary and some butterfly key chains as well. If you like, you can give your guests some seeds of flowers that attract butterflies and they can plant these seeds in their gardens. If you prefer to give them shrubs instead of seeds, then you can do that as well. This is one theme that you can have fun with so make sure that you consider a baby shower butterfly theme for your next party and see just how creative you can be with the theme. Think of it as a challenge and you may just come up with a whole new way to make use of this theme.