Where the Wild Ones Are: A Zoo Baby Shower

Who doesn't remember their first trip to the zoo? Gazing in wonder at the wild animals and ooh-ing and aah-ing at any little babies that may have been born. A zoo baby shower is perfect for a mommy-to-be with that different streak.

You could print out zoo baby shower invitations to look like extra-large tickets to the zoo, with all the details on one end and a cutaway stub that can be used for a lottery of gifts later on in the baby shower. Each guest should write their name on the stub and drop it in a container when they enter the “zoo.”

Plan your zoo baby shower around the predominant colors. While there is a lot of grey, it could be a rather sad color so the greens and browns of nature may be a better choice. Have a lot of greens in your party area; the more potted plants, the merrier. Add in a few trees and decorate them with stuffed animals. You want to have the feel of being in the animal enclosure with the animals, rather than looking in from the outside. Have large animal cut-outs standing around the room.

Each table centerpiece could be based on a different type of stuffed animal set at the center. Accent each animal with orange, yellow, and red flowers. If possible, position each animal as if they are part of a jungle scene. Use plain yellow, orange, and red plates and cutlery, too. Mix and match the colors instead of using just one color for each place setting. Use a zebra-patterned fabric for the tablecloth.

The buffet table can be set with wooden platters to hold the food. Have a large wild animal standing guard over the food. Scatter a few small plastic animals around the platters as fun accents. You could even have some in the food if you've cleaned them well first. Use a length of zebra-patterned fabric as a tablecloth to tie it in with the smaller tables.

For food, the perfect meal could start out with monkey bread, and the classic animal crackers and cocoa. Pigs in a Blanket, chips, vegetable sticks and dip, finger sandwiches, popcorn, and peanuts could round out that menu. Have some soda and tropical fruit juices to drink.

A pretty cake is a must here. Wild animal baby toppers can be found to decorate a very simple cake, if you wish. Accent them all with exotic looking, colorful sugar flowers and leaves to simulate an “out in the wilds” look and you're done.

There are a few fun games you can play at the zoo baby shower. First, play a matching game with the names of the wild animal mommies and their babies. Prepare a list of pairs and print out the play sheet with one side or the other blank. Hand these out to the guests with a pencil at the start of the party.

You could also play charades using wild animals for the words. You could also add in some activities that are done in the zoo to liven it up a bit.

Some pretty favors for the zoo baby shower would be scented glycerin soaps in animal shapes. There are also little tins that you can buy that you could decorate with wild animal stickers and fill with assorted candies in the zoo baby shower's color scheme.