Have a Baby Shower with a Cute as Can Bee Theme

When the mommy-to-be is cute as can bee, you can be sure that the baby will bee, too. So why not have a baby shower that features the cute little honeybee? Everyone's in love with a honeybee, and there will be no complaints if the food has a honey theme, either. It's a theme that will go with either a boy or a girl or with those not-so-common times when the parents-to-be don't want to know the gender of their baby.

There's no mommy that hasn't seen the cute-as-can-bee party supplies that are available all over. These are easy enough to get and since they are coordinated all the way from the invitations to the favors, planning a party in this theme will be very easy indeed. These can be personalized as well (the invitations and the banners for decorating) so they're really quite individual.

However, you will want to add your own touches, no matter what you can buy that are really cute! Start with the party area. Yellow, black, and white are the quintessential honeybee colors so you can base your color scheme on this.

Throw pale yellow tablecloths on all the tables then top them with a white table throw. At the center of the table, position a large honey pot and fill with sunflowers and bright yellow gerberas. Stick in a few curly branches and stick a few artificial bees onto them. Add a few bear-shaped honey squeeze bottles decorated with a ruff of yellow, black, and white curling ribbons.

Use the same color tablecloths on the buffet table. As a centerpiece, get an inexpensive wicker bee skep and decorate it with more flowers and artificial bees. If you're lucky enough to find the beehive ginger flowers, they will look spectacular in an arrangement at the base of the bee skep with more sunflowers, gerberas, and baby mums.

Now for the food! Everything here should have at least a touch of honey. You could choose between honey-barbecued wings or baked mozzarella cheese sticks with a honey-mustard dip. Pair that with a honeydew melon and seedless minted cucumber salad and you've got a wonderful combination.

Served with a pretty lemon punch (1 can of frozen lemonade combined with an two liters of chilled ginger ale topped with scoops of lemon sherbet) garnished with slices of lemon, a few of which have some artificial bees on them.

You can never have too much honey so dessert can be individual honey cakes served with hot tea or coffee. Pile the honey cakes onto a cake pedestal to make them look absolutely delicious.

If you're up to it, a pinata in the shape of giant honeybee is a great ending to this baby shower. Fill it with honey-based toiletries like lotions and lip balms as well as a few beeswax candles and organic honey sticks. Let the mommy-to-be take a good whack at it.

For the favors, honey lozenges in personalized tins are a great choice, as is a beeswax candle in the shape of a bee skep. Another sweet choice would be a necklace decorated with a honeybee pendant. It's sure to bee the best baby shower ever!