A Cute and Cuddly Kitten Baby Shower

There is nothing cuter than a cuddly baby or a fluffy kitten. Neither is it a coincidence that cats are called little women in fur coats! Why not then have a kitten baby shower for a mommy-to-be that is also a cat lover?

There are purr-fectly cute invitations available commercially or you can make your own invitation using pretty paper, and either downloaded photos from the internet, cat stickers or stamps. Write your party details inside and ask that the guests bring something cat-themed to the baby shower.

Choose cute and cuddly colors like a very soft gray and silver with turquoise. There are kitty balloons, soft gray, turquoise and silver balloons that you can use along with streamers stamped with cat's paws on them. You could also cut out fish-shaped cards that have signs on them like “Catnip Zone” near the beverage bar, “Catnap Area” on the couches, “Wipe Your Paws, Please” near the buffet table, and a “No Dog Zone” beside the kitty cake.

Swath the tables in soft gray fabric and scatter cat-shaped confetti over the table. Set three new cat dishes on the table and fill with pink water, floating pink candles, and floating pink flower heads. Scatter pink glass rocks around the bowls and set tea lights in pink glass vigil containers in the rocks. Set the table with pink tableware and cinch the pink napkins with gray and silver ribbons. Tuck in a little sprig of catnip.

Cover the buffet table in more soft gray fabric. Have a large plush kitten elevated at one corner and surrounded with kitty toys like colorful yarn balls, little felt mice, and felt birds. Set the kitten in a blanket of pink flower heads and attach a pink flower behind its ear if you can. Serve the food in metal containers, preferably round silvery metal to simulate cat bowls. Scatter pink rocks and tea lights around the food containers.

Kitty food is what is needed for this kitten baby shower. Tuna sandwiches cut into fish shapes, goldfish, cheese cubes, custard flan, and possibly a seafood pasta would be just right. For a sweet course, make gingerbread cookies cut with cat and fish-shaped cookie cutters and ice them in pink and gray icing. Use silver dragees and shot to add sparkle. Sanding sugar also adds a bit of shine. Cat paw cupcakes are also great for this baby shower. Plain cupcakes are decorated with a chocolate button or a mini oreo for the paw print and little brown MMs to make the toes.

Of course a cake is a must for this kitten baby shower. You could make a kitten-shaped cake or find an especially cute picture of a kitten and have it digitally printed on a cake, or make a fish-shaped cake complete with gum paste lemon slices and frilly lettuce as accents.

For favors, relabel chamomile tea as “Catnip” and pack it up together with a scented candle with a relaxing scent such as chamomile and lavender plus a pink sleep mask labeled “For Catnaps” and you'll be giving your guests an extension of this fun and comforting theme.