A Little Lamb's Spring Baby Shower

You can almost feel your heels kick up when Spring comes around. And a few pregnant mothers also swear they can feel their babies kick up their feet more often once the ground starts to thaw.

Spring is the season for new births, and it's full of the imagery of babies themselves. What a rich season in which to have one!

The spring calls many images to mind, not the least of them the newly leafing and budding plants, new babies being born like ducklings and chicks, or even the great religious celebration of Easter. Any of these would provide a perfect theme for a spring baby shower.

A truly cute spring theme is that of the lamb. While it can be translated as a religious theme for Easter, it can also be a wonderfully secular theme that is represented by a cuddly, fuzzy, baby.

The perfect color scheme for this baby shower would be in spring green and white, maybe with touches of butter yellow as an accent. Set the tables with a pure white tablecloth and throw on a white tulle over-cloth. In the center of the tables, arrange crystal or silver vases that are filled with green flowers like Bells of Ireland and spider mums. These can be accented with white and yellow asters to give the arrangements that fuzzy feeling.

The buffet table is also arranged the same way, except with green, white, and pale yellow flowers scattered over the table. Bunch up the tulle net in the corners and cover up the tacks with pale yellow-green satin ribbon bows. Set the food on silver platters which can be raised with clear glass blocks.

As a centerpiece, look for a wooly lamb plush toy and set him in a center of wheat grass planted in a flat. A few fresh flowers can be planted here and there in the grass. Or, you can make a lamb cake following the instructions on the Wilton cake decorating website. Surrounded with icing grass and sugar flowers, the lamb looks very content.

Serve tea fixings for this spring baby shower. A choice of two teas, maybe one green and one black, would be delicious with small cucumber sandwiches, mache rolls filled with herbed cream cheese, and a spring greens salad with edible flowers and a wonderfully fruity blackberry vinaigrette. Instead of sweets, serve fresh fruit sandwiches with a sweetened cream cheese filling and a selection of fine cookies instead.

A white wine could follow the tea, although a white grape juice would also be a perfect complement. If they are available at the time of the baby shower, a smattering of frozen berries would look beautiful either in the white wine or juice glasses.

Finish off this baby shower with just the right baby shower favors. You could find a lamb beanie and pair it off with a little cookie lollipop in the shape of a lamb as well. Or, why not look for a key chain in the shape of a lamb? Both ideas would be just right.