A Walk on the Wild Side with a King of the Jungle Baby Shower

Expecting a little prince? If that's the case, why not have a King of the Jungle baby shower and give him a royal welcome?

The King of the Jungle baby shower is a fun theme when it's planned to be a family baby shower. There are a few King of the Jungle baby shower invitations available online but you could also use one that features a lion cub, Disney's Simba, or even Tarzan or Mowgli. Of course, you could always make this into a Queen of the Jungle baby shower instead.

Create a jungle ambiance in the party area! Have ficus trees indoors and hang artificial vines instead of streamers. You could use a lot of artificial tropical flowers tucked into the trees and onto the vines as well. Hang some plush monkeys from the vines and tuck a few wild animal stuffed toys into the plants, too. Accent the room with red, yellow, green, and animal print balloons in bunches at the corners of the rooms. When making your music playlist, have some African-themed music (Putomayo has a great African album), some songs from The Lion King or Jungle Book soundtrack, and a few songs that mention Tarzan mixed in with your music. It will really set the stage for this King of the Jungle baby shower.

Use tableware and linens in a yellow, red, and green color scheme. Cover the tables in green tablecloths and use red plates and utensils and a yellow napkin at each place setting. Tie the utensils and napkin into a neat bundle using baby ribbons in red, yellow, and green. In the center of the table, in lieu of a floral arrangement, have a tropical plant like a bird's nest fern or a flowering bromeliad. Wrap the pot in an animal print fabric and accent the arrangement with a small African mask or plastic wild animal figures.

Highlight the buffet table with a large arrangement of ferns. Complete the vignette with an African mask, shield (you can create this from cardboard and paint) and a pair of binoculars. Cover the table with a green tablecloth and animal print overcloths. Serve the food in either red and yellow platters or in wooden serving pieces. Arrange a few candles around the platters and sprinkle some red, yellow and green colored glass pebbles around the platters. Attach some thatching to the ceiling to give it a jungle hut feel.

For the food, it would be fun to give the food a jungle feel. Instead of serving bread sticks with your spinach cheese dip, use animal crackers interspersed with the baby carrots, radishes, and celery hearts. A sweet snack complement would be tropical fruit granola with banana chips, dried papayas, pineapples, mango, and coconut chips. Get a little adventure into your food by serving African-American favorites! A simple menu centers around Koki, which is a black-eyed pea appetizer, Peanut Soup, Jollof Rice (a complete meat, vegetable, and rice dish), okra and tomato salad, and coconut pie or cake for dessert. A selection of tropical fruits or an iced green tea and mint combination goes well with this meal.

The cake can be anything the mommy-to-be is craving at the moment. If the King of the Jungle baby shower theme can be translated into the cake decorations, so much the better!

Create your own King of the Jungle baby shower loot bag with a coconut scented candle and tropical scented hand cream. Add a little wild animal beanie and tuck them all into a little woven basket. You could also add some Mounds and some tropical fruit granola to the basket. Finish it off with more baby ribbons in red, yellow, and green.