Host a Snug as a Bug Baby Shower!

What's usually round, wiggles, and crawls? No, it's not a bug, it's a baby! Or is it a bug? Actually, there are quite a few similarities between the two although in our eyes, the baby is decidedly cuter! But these similarities make a bug theme one of the favorites for a baby shower. Why not have this as a theme for the next baby shower?

It's best to settle on one type of bug and keep that the focus of the theme. Although it's all right to mix up the bugs, having just one keeps it from looking like a bug collection and drives the point home very easily. Most hostesses would of course favor the sweeter butterfly or ladybug, but the dragonfly, honeybee, and caterpillar (Think Alice in Wonderland!) is gaining in popularity.

One of the easiest bugs to base a baby shower on would be the ladybug. This sweet childhood favorite can be translated quite easily to a baby shower. The color scheme would be either orange, purple, and black or the ubiquitous red, purple, and black. Invitations featuring the ladybug can easily be found on the internet or can be made using cutouts of bright red or orange card and black dots from card. Add in the details with a black pen and put in the party details with purple ink.

Decorations are in the same colors as well. Red balloons can be decorated with black dots made with a marker. Use thin black ribbons to anchor them instead of string. Adorn the party area with streamers made of purple, red, and black crepe paper and attach ladybug cutouts on them in an irregular pattern.

Emphasize the color scheme by having the tables in the same colors. Use pure red tablecloths and black plates. Top the plates with purple napkins held together with black pipe cleaners with the ends curled into antennae. Centerpieces can be made from red and purple flowers like gerberas offset with lotus flower pods spray-painted black. Sprinkle the tables with foil-covered chocolate discs printed to look like ladybugs.

A light tea menu is perfect for this meal. Why not serve cupcakes decorated to look like ladybugs? Set these in a flat of wheat grass, supported by wooden dowels so they sit on top of the grass. Cookies can be iced to look like ladybugs as well. Instead of making icing drops, use purple candy dots for the ladybug spots. Licorice whips make the antennae and mini chocolate chips or chocolate shot make up the compound eyes.

Sandwiches don't need to be made of red bread but can be cut out in round shapes and the edges rolled in paprika to add color and extra flavor. Why not revive a childhood snack and serve “Ants on a Log” made of a celery stick filled with either peanut butter or herbed cream cheese and topped with raisins?

Buggy favors can be a jar of lip balm decorated with a ladybug sticker and a pretty red candy box embellished with black polka dots. Fill the box with M&M's and Skittles in the chosen color scheme. Who says bugs aren't fun?