A Barrel of Fun with the Baby Shower Animals Theme

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This immortal line from the Wizard of Oz can also lend itself to your next baby shower. A baby shower animals theme is an easy one to execute and is one that will have your guests saying, “Awww!”

This fun theme can be adapted to any kind of animal the mommy-to-be likes. Send an invitation that reflects the theme of the animal chosen, whether it's a koala, a dolphin, or a goldfish! One nice variation on this theme is to make it a stuffed animal baby shower. Ask the guests to bring a big or small plush toy in the animal that the mommy-to-be has chosen. This could reflect the chosen theme for a nursery and it would be great for moms with older kids.

Decorate the party area for the baby shower animals theme with representations of the animals themselves. Large posters, other stuffed toys, and statues can be incorporated into the décor of the room. A fun touch would be to have topiary animals made as highlights of the décor. Add balloons and streamers in your chosen color scheme (or one that echoes the colors of the animals) and you're done!

For the tables, set a stuffed toy in the center and decorate it with a flower and ivy garland. Set the toy in a field of flowers and put the whole arrangement on a tray. Vary the arrangements by posing the animals differently. Have some on a small chair or stool, maybe another in a toy wagon, and so on. Wreath the arrangements in curling ribbons in the chosen color scheme.

For the buffet table, echo the designs of the tables in its settings. To differentiate, use a topiary animal as the highlight and give it a bow of ribbon. It's nicest to use rustic serving dishes to be in keeping with the baby shower animals theme. On the buffet table, you could use little tealights to accent the dishes and set little toy animals around the platters.

Incorporate the animals in your menu. For example, if the mommy-to-be chose goldfish, serve goldfish, pretzel sticks, and savory flavored popcorn in goldfish bowls. Bears could have little gummi bears on top of fresh fruit salad with a whipped cream dressing. Or, top a baked cheesecake with teddy bear graham crackers. A puppy dog theme could have chocolate chip cookies shaped like doggie bones with ice cream. Fun touches like that really make a baby shower animals theme enjoyable.

Definitely have a cake based on the baby shower animals theme. If the mommy-to-be chose monkeys as a baby shower theme, a fun cake could be based on the familiar game of a Barrel of Monkeys with little decorated cookies shaped like the monkeys dancing on a jungle-themed cake. Or, the whole top of the cake could be decorated like the monkey's face and ringed with banana Runts.

Favors for the baby shower animals theme have to echo the animals as well. A dolphin theme could offer an ocean-scented candle and a dolphin key chain. A zebra theme favor could be a patterned scarf in a zebra skin print with a little container of lip balm personalized with a zebra print sticker on top. The sky's the limit with the baby shower animals theme!