Noah's Ark Baby Shower

Using a Noah's Ark theme for your baby shower can provide a lot of freedom in your decorations, invitations, games and foods. Unlike rattles, bottles or other baby toys, there's a lot going on with Noah's Ark. You can use images of the Ark, the animals on the Ark or Noah and his family.


You can have a lot of fun with the decorations in this theme. Streamers can include images of the Ark with animals following behind it, two at a time of course. The use of the animals also allows you to use a wider variety of colors and plants. Your decorations could be virtually any colors you choose and are limited only by what you can come up with an make look good. The obvious downside to this theme is that it can be very easy to overdo, so be careful and make sure you don't overdo it. Remember, you're still decorating for a baby shower.


If you're an “Ace of Cakes” kind of person, or if you know one, you can have a lot of fun with the cake for this project. Even if you're just pretty handy and can do some research and follow the instructions, you could probably find a way to build a small ark cake online. However, if you're not up to taking on that project, you can always ice the cake with a scene depicting Noah's Ark, or maybe you could find a cake pan shaped like the Ark or an animal.

Animal crackers, animal shaped cookies, and animal themed fruit snacks would also be acceptable to go along with the theme. You may also consider Chex mix with goldfish crackers – foods can be varied in this one as well.


Have a little fun with this one, especially if this is a co-ed baby shower. Send two invitations to each couple, inviting them to come two at a time to the event, like the animals came to Noah's Ark. If you wanted to make them yourself, you could print a different animal on each set of invitations (or cut them into the shapes of different animals). You could also request that the animal on the invitation is (if possible) somehow involved in the gift they buy, just make sure you run that idea by mom and dad.


Pin the Tail on the _____ type games would definitely be acceptable and easy at a Noah's Ark baby shower. You can also play animal charades or take turns making animal noises and guessing what animal it is. Prizes, of course, would be animal themed. Since it's a baby shower it would be best if you could find a baby twist for the games, such as only calling the animals by their “young” names – calf for cow, puppy for dog, kitten for cat.

As you can see, you can have a lot of fun and freedom with a Noah's Ark themed baby shower – the inclusion of all the animals allows you to take it in pretty much any direction you like as far as colors and decorations, as well as allowing more room for different games.