A Dragonfly Baby Shower Theme with a Difference

Dragonflies have long been associated with renewal and change, the bringing of joy, and the power of life. Given all these, won't a dragonfly baby shower theme be perfect for that mommy-to-be that's excitedly waiting for her little one? This is a great theme for a mommy-to-be that doesn't like the usual (butterflies or ladybugs) but wants to do something that not everyone does.

There are plenty of dragonfly baby shower invitations available online but you can always make your own invitations with stickers, stamps, stencils, or even as a computer printout. One beautiful idea is to print out the dragonflies on vellum and layer it on a brightly printed background of plants and flowers. Sandwiched together with a frame, it becomes a richer, two-dimensional picture.

For décor, again go with something that is not of the usual. Taking your cue from the vellum invitation, use white for your main color. Choose spare, clean-lined accessories instead of curvy, intricate ones. Nix the balloons and streamers; instead use dozens of square Japanese paper lanterns on the ceiling of the party area. Have potted plants in the corners and swath them with white steady and twinkling fairy lights. Pin artificial dragonflies to the trees.

Cover your tables in natural, unbleached linen and use plain white plates and real silverware at the place setting. Tie up your linen napkins with white and natural raffia and secure them with a dragonfly clip. At the center, have three square clear glass vases in different heights with three sprigs of white lilies in each. Scatter flat-backed half marbles in clear and frosted white among white river rocks piled against the vases. Perch a few dragonflies on the rocks.

Set the buffet table like a garden pond. Cover the table in a sage green cloth and crumple a topper of natural linen on top. Elevate the back of the buffet and balance a low, wide square vase filled with green-tinted water and a mound of white pebbles. Bury a flower frog in the pebbles and stick in a sprig of white lilies. Perch a dragonfly or two on the pebbles.

Make your food as colorful as your decorations are monochromatic. A colorful mixed vegetable salad nestled in frilly lettuce cups, tiny appetizer bites like cherry tomatoes stuffed with blue cheese, toast rounds topped with black olive paste, and colorful peperonata piled onto little bruschetas. Pair that with a dessert buffet of little petit fours and cream puffs and it's just light and right. The perfect choice of beverage for the dragonfly baby shower theme are an alcoholic Dragonfly Cocktail and a non-alcoholic white grape juice sangria.

You should really have a cake for this dragonfly baby shower. A light cake that prominently features sugared or jeweled dragonflies on a pond scene or in a flower garden is a great choice for this dragonfly baby shower theme. Or, a good variation is a cupcake tree filled with cupcakes that have flowers and dragonflies on them.

For dragonfly baby shower favors, a great giveaway is a keepsake jeweled dragonfly that can be attached to a clip or a pin. Paired with a set of bath salts and body lotion, it creates another memory of this special dragonfly baby shower.