A Koala Baby Shower with an Influence of Down Under

Anyone that sees a koala is bound to go, “Awww.” These cute little marsupials can definitely be the theme of a koala baby shower for a mommy-to-be that is always trying to have something unusual and not the norm.

There are plenty of koala-themed invitations available for purchase and it would really save you time and effort to just buy a set. Otherwise, there are lots of koala images that you could download and print to make your own invitation, if you wish. Since it is a koala baby shower, you could ask your guests to come in their best bush attire.

Base the koala baby shower's color scheme on yellow and green, Australia's national colors. And to do this baby shower differently, eschew balloons for more natural decorations. Fill the party area with potted plants and decorate them with fairy lights in yellow and green. Find as many koala plush toys as you can or print some out and then cut them out to stick to the walls. You could also throw in a few more Australian animals if you like – crocs, kangaroos and exotic birds – and tuck them into the plants, too.

Cover the tables in rich brown linen and use green and yellow colored tableware. Alternate colors on the table, too. Use yellow utensils with green plates and vice-versa. Tie the napkins up with ribbons of alternating colors, too. Set a straw hat in the middle of the table and arrange a yellow and green floral bouquet in it. Use a bandanna as a bow beside the bouquet (tie a loose knot in the middle of a bandanna rolled up diagonally and arrange the ends like that of a bow. Set small toy binoculars on the bandanna and your centerpiece is done.

Arrange the buffet table in the same way, with a linen cloth as a covering. As a highlight, a fun arrangement would be to put a toy koala in a large toy jeep and set it above the food platters using a cut tree trunk. Serve the food on wooden platters and scatter shiny brown stones around the platters.

The food could be Australian food like vegetable sticks with a cream cheese dip, grilled sausages, pastry boats with a savory cheese filling, and corn fritters; and for dessert, coconut dreams and bananas with chocolate sauce.

You have several choices for a cake here: you could have a traditional tiered cake with a gum paste koala on top or even a koala family. Or, a truly scrumptious substitute is an Australian Pavlova. This crisp and cloudy dessert is made on a base of fluffy, crisp white meringue topped with a slightly sweetened whipped cream, diced tropical fruits like mangoes and kiwis, and topped with a red raspberry sauce. This dessert based on a ballerina's costume is as pretty as it is delicious.

For the koala baby shower games, a very informative thing to do is the koala trivia game. Gather facts about the koala and ask your guests for the answers to your questions. About twenty questions would be enough. Give each correct guest a small prize like a mini pack of kisses.

For the favors, a set of chocolate koalas and a koala beanie would be a terrific reminder of this different koala baby shower. Packed into a linen bag, it is a sweet way for guests to remember the day.