Plan a Precocious Puppy Baby Shower

A puppy baby shower is perfect for a mommy-to-be that loves pets, especially puppies! Celebrate her love with an adorable puppy theme that highlights these cute little creatures.

To start, send an invitation featuring an adorable puppy in the front. Or, take puppy paw print stamp and cover the front of the card with it. Write the details of the party at the back.

Make the party area for the puppy baby shower a comfortable place. Use colors like soft browns and blues to create a cocooning effect in the room. Use balloons in browns and blues and add crepe paper streamers in the same colors. You could also use balloons with paw prints on them. Cover any furniture in brown fabric and wrap big, poofy cushions in blue fabrics. Buy or make bone-shaped cutouts and scatter them all over the room.

Cover the tables in soft brown cloth and add a topper of soft blue. In the center, place a new dog bowl and fill it with blue pebbles and a bouquet of hydrangeas. Surround the bowl with smaller bowls filled with puppy kibble – pretzels, cheese sticks, and bone-shaped biscuits. Add a few candles in amber and blue glass containers for light and sparkle.

Set the buffet table in a similar fashion. Cover with more of the brown fabric but have a large plush puppy to stand guard over the food. Give him a collar of blue flowers and let him play with a large nylon bone. Serve food in shiny new dog bowls. Add lots of votive candles for plenty of sparkle and sprinkle hydrangea blossoms around the dog bowls to extend the theme.

For this puppy baby shower, serve lots of comfort food! Macaroni and cheese, sloppy joes, and baked potato sticks are great choices. You could also add some mixed green salad with crunchy garlic croutons to that for those vegetarian guests. Chocolate chip and gingerbread bone shaped cookies are great desserts with this, served up with some extra-creamy ice cream.

A cake is a definite for this puppy baby shower. There are specialty bone-shaped cake pans available from baking supply shops like Wilton. Or, you could make a tiered cupcake tree with a small cake on top with a puppy topper. Have the cupcakes decorated with little puppies and framed with blue icing.

A great activity for this puppy baby shower forgoes any baby shower games. Instead, hire some beauticians so the guests can get some grooming of their own – manicures, pedicures, massages, and foot spas are activities that can be done in the home.

For favors at this terrific puppy baby shower, extend the pampering time to the home with a little kit of the toiletries that were used for that day. A foot scrub, foot lotion, hand cream, and a soothing massage oil can be packaged in a little net bag that can be reused in the bathroom. Add a nylon net scrub to that set and you'll give your friends at least two more pamper sessions.