Celebrate with a Fun Baby Shower Barnyard Theme

When the mommy-to-be is a farm girl at heart or simply dreams of living on a farm, there's not a better theme to choose for her baby shower than a Barnyard theme. It's a great choice when it can be held in a backyard during the summer or in a rental barn for an all-out hoedown and barbecue!

Barnyard-themed invitations are available anywhere and can easily be ordered. If you'd like to make your own invitations, there are many clip art images that you can use to personalize them. Don't forget to ask the guests to come in denims!

You shouldn't leave out a basic color scheme even with this theme. You could of course use pastel colors, especially if you'll be focusing on lambs and piglets as your basic icons. Primary colors will suit a baby boy or girl and is the quintessential barnyard color scheme.

Have a large-sized red barn as your centerpiece on the buffet table and throw checkered red tablecloths on all the tables. Decorate tables with jam jars filled with white daisies or different types of wildflowers. Extend the theme to the tableware as well – choose red or white plates, red cutlery, and white napkins tied up with red ribbons. Denim napkins or place mats would make a great contrast, too. A knot of daisies on each napkin is a great finishing touch.

Balloons are a must-have here. Red balloons will work well, of course, and white ones will be a perfect foil. You can decorate the balloons with black stamps in the shape of cowhide prints before you blow them up. Or glue on some cut-out pieces of black felt to the white balloons instead.

A wonderful decoration that you can use in the baby shower area is a rocking horse. This can welcome guests at the front door. Tie a bandanna around his neck and fasten a few more balloons to the reins. You can have pictures of your guests taken beside the horse.

Obviously, the guests have to be dressed in the theme. Beside the rocking horse, have a large wicker basket filled with straw cowboy hats, bandannas, and decorative neck lariats to choose from.

Barnyard-themed food is a must for this baby shower. Nothing like pigs in a blanket, chicken wings, and a garden salad to get everyone in the mood. A milkshake will be the best beverage to accompany this meal, or you could go experimental with a Purple Cow if you like. It's just milk blended with grape sherbet and poured into a glass that had been previously dotted with grape jelly on its sides to look like polka dots.

For more choices, fill up a large galvanized pail with ice and stick in bottles of juice, soda, and water for your guests to take.

You can recreate a barnyard scene on a sheet cake or decorate a simple white tiered cake with black icing to make it look like cowhide.

This fun theme can be made as simple or as complicated as you like – just like a barnyard!